Look At The Baby Mountain Goat!


I am a huge fan of the MCU, ( I mean who isn't) but whenever I look at it from an artistic aspect it just leaves me awestricken! It always sets my creative side on fire and I love the introduction part played at any marvel movie. I can even begin to fathom the imagination and brains behind it!

Needless to say I watched, Spiderman: Far From Home a few days ago and liked it better than Homecoming. Is it just me or was everything so much better in Part 2? Anyway, Tom Holland and Zendaya's character roles were absolutely adorable considering the whole awkward teen romance :P I was wondering why I haven't ever done any marvel art before, probably because everyone is so damn well perfect hahah. But I gave Holland's face a shot and my first attempt looked like a freaking alien. (Picture Below) And I thought wow, he is so damn fine that I am failing already! So I chose a different angle and without much hopes gave it a second shot and I think it went well than the alien one, what do you think?



Failed attempt at Peter Parker! Lol.



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Lots Of Love <3

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