Draw with an Artificial Intelligence

2년 전


I'm running a month-long online art installation over at 9to5.tv starting today!

9to5 is a month-long digital art exhibition in Atlanta that dissolves the boundary between artist and audience by way of an experimental livestream and emerging interfaces.

The ideal 9to5 participants can interact with projects, performances, and broadcasts that influence the final artworks using a custom built suite of tools.

Go and check it out here: http://gallery.9to5.tv/dream-canvas

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I am passionate about this subject of generative art, randomisation code, algorithms etc...
I'm fascinated by how the mix between programming and math gives rise to astonishing artistic results.
Glad that I've found you here on Steemit.
I am looking forward for your great works.

  ·  2년 전

Very LSD


That was my impression too, lol.

thats very great running that wow its so super beneficial to the society i think nice work i love it upvoted and reteem

wonderful :)

Good art.

Very nice @almost-digital ...blessings

beautifull art! upvote!
I invite you to visit my blog, it's also about my art!