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Hi Everyone, I'm back/still here, and I painted some rats :)


I actually really like rats and had a couple as pets when I was a kid. I was going to do some happy rats with red background for the lunar new year, but I kept envisioning them in an alley and that's not very new years-y so these are just some city-type rats.

I also wanted to try something a bit simpler and more comic-like than what I last posted, so this has pretty simple colors. I kept the sky reddish though, because even though this isn't a year of the rat painting anymore, I felt like a red sky was cool. It looks more pink right now when I'm posting this, though, so I don't quite know what it'll look like for you.

And finally I haven't really checked in here in several days, and that's my bad. I wasn't feeling great, but also I can honestly be a bit of a flake. I'm working on that and hopefully eventually I'll be able to blog and make art more consistently :)


I do thumbnails and basic sketches on in a basic sketchbook with ballpoint pen. Nothing fancy.
I use Krita, which is a cool open source art program, to do all my digital drawing and painting.
I make my process collages in this weird little program called PhotoCollage and I'm totally up for alternative recommendations because it's sort of awkward to use.


I start by making various sketches. The picture is dark because my phone camera is not the best.


Then I sketch the rats in Krita. I struggled a bit with the standing rat and initially it was holding a wire because it was going to be a robot rat.


Finished rats and lines for the surrounding scene.


And then I paint stuff. I actually remembered to export images while painting fairly regularly. The shadows are more for effect than from a particular light source


Lastly, finishing touches and here's the final image again.


There are things I would change, but I'm pretty happy with it, especially since it felt like I was trying something a bit new.
Thanks for reading and looking :)

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Such a cute drawing and so appropaite for the begging of the Year of the Rat:)
Hope you have the time to post more i always enjoy seeing your artworks:)


Thank you! I hope so too, one of my goals this year is to make and post art more often :)

I am the crazy rat lady here oh my I love RATS and this is just adorable


Haha nothing wrong with being a crazy rat lady! I'm glad you like it :)


This is a song I wrote "NO matter what they say" and It's "plagued" my ratties, my former fur babies and many friends :)

so you can guess it I love the ratty drawings, even the silhouettes of the ratty sketches hahahah :) I was scrolling down and said RATS and the title RATS and then I got inside cos you always fear it can have a bad connotation (though the drawing was super cute)

I read I like rats...
I'm in...
reply again so I can vote again with my super crappy vote, but it means a lot hahah


That's a cool song! And I like all of the closeups of the very cute rats :)


ahh thank you :) yes they are cute, aren't they, ratties are the best!


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Thank you! It helps so much when your group curates my posts :)
And I've made that type of cake before, it's quite yummy, especially when non-virtual


I was about to give you the cake but I see someone else did :) weee!

Damn. Your painting as a lot of depth in it! I love it :D


Thank you! :)

I forgot to give you some.
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