The Quiet Mouse and the Owl

2년 전

Hi Everyone!

This is an owl I made a couple days ago. It was originally going to be for a contest under a prompt for "quiet" but my internet hasn't been working well enough to post until today and that contest is over, haha. But the mouse is there being very very quiet since apparently owls have great hearing.

Started with some quick sketches


Then a rough sketch in my art program, Krita


Then I added some quick colors


Then I finalized my lines. I actually drew over the rough sketch and rough paint layers, but this is just a picture of the final line layer.


And then I finished painting. I'm bad at taking progress shots during the painting phase. Mostly I just get wrapped up in what I'm doing and trying to work quickly. I just keep adding and changing things until it looks like how I want it to, so I forget to stop to take a shot of it until I'm nearly done. I'll try to be better about that in the future.


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Thank you! And the cake looks tasty :)

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It's a beautiful sketch that you have done here... the white expanse really makes the coloured sections stand out! Peaceful and a pleasure to see!

You can also join the fun here:


Thank you! And thanks for mentioning/reblogging me! That pay it forward thing is interesting and I'll definitely check it out


My pleasure... @pifc is a gret way to help out others, and also to perhaps win a prize at the same time! It's a great initiative, and a good community to join.

Beautiful work! I especially love the mouse that you included. Brilliant.
@bengy featured you in the Pay it Forward Curation contest. Keep up the great work and consider entering the contest yourself!


Thank you!

Yeah, I've been looking for other small posts so I can help pay it forward in the future :)

Very cool artwork! I like it very much! Thanks for sharing!

Congratulations on being featured by @bengy in an entry for the Pay It Forward Contest


Thank you!

And I really appreciated being featured, I've been keeping an eye out for overlooked posts since then to see if I can pay it forward myself :)