Draw with me: lighthouse with house

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Another lighthouse. Now I am drawing a lighthouse that looks like a house. It is made of brick. And if you remove the tower - no different from the house))

And this is step-by-step lesson:
I tried to describe each item, but if there are questions, I will answer with pleasure.


  1. I outline the lighthouse with a thin black liner.
    Light falls from right to left, so the right side will be in the light, and the left in the shadow.
    On the left side, the marker is darker than on the right side.
  2. For the main facade, I use the marker RV209, and for the shadow - RV130. Under the roof and on the veranda, I also use the darker marker RV130. Both markers are applied in one layer!
  3. Now the cylindrical part of the lighthouse: several gray markers from light to dark. I leave a white vertical strip - flare.
    Under the roof and in shady places - a medium tone of gray, in bright places - light. Add gray to the windows.
  4. I make horizontal strokes with the same two markers as the second layer: RV209 in the illuminated area of the facade and RV130 in the shadow.
  5. I make the roof of the veranda and the house itself in one layer.
    With green markers I draw grass near the house: light on the illuminated part and dark in the shade.
    I add details with a white gel pen: windows of the house, strokes on the illuminated facade, wires and ropes on the cylindrical part of the lighthouse.

Simply? Try it yourself)) I will be happy to help you!)

All my paintings can be bought for sbd/steem

You can find me here: https://www.instagram.com/amalinavia/

Thank you for watching!


P.S. It is hard to write in English, because my native language is Russian. But I'm learning. If you notice serious errors in the text that interfere with the correct perception, please let me know about them.

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I wish I wish


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Another awesome lighthouse! I tried following your instructions and have decided that your final product is far, far superior to mine.

I really love this light house as well as others you had drawn. =)

When you see something that is so well done it seems to be pretty easy to do. But I see you have a lot of skills and technique in your drawing and painting as we can see in the precision of your strokes and use of color. It's really impressive and nice to see!! Thanks for inviting us to practice through your step by step process!!
I send you the best wishes for projects and life, @Amalinavia, a big hug from México!!
P.S. I'm practicing my English skills too but I think you're doing great!! :)

Lighthouses have such a nostalgic feel to them!
You did a fabulous job drawing one!

If I ever need a lighthouse drawing I'm going to commission some of your work. I can't even draw a card let alone a picture.

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I love your lessons! Thanks for sharing your talent with us, @amalinavia.

The grey toning is excellent!

Hahaha, even with the most minute of instructions, my hands want to draw, but my mind says who am I fooling.
I cannot even draw the pen that I want to draw with Lol.
Excellent post here my friend.

I really love it when you do architecture. Light houses are like romanticizing solitude which is somehow in a good way. We all need to be alone sometimes.

Beautiful work. Love lighthouses 😍

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Love the detail you put into the brickwork. Must have taken ages!

Lovely topic to use, teaching how to paint a great point by point tutorial. Wish I had some artistic flair thanks for sharing @amalinavia

You've just reminded me of my days as an industrial design student. Can't recall the name of those special markers we used to draw exceptional drafts, the only thing i remember is that they were carcinogenic and banned in California, also their uncomparable smell.

P.D: I'd appreciate your review on my latest post btw