Draw with me: RV and test markers =)

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I participate in a marathon where I need to draw a Recreational vehicle. So I decided to draw this one... and to made a step by step lesson with new markers (and test it!). Enjoy the process 😉

  1. I draw a car with a liner, I pay attention to the vanishing line and the line of fastening parts. Light falls from left to right.

  2. I use 2 blue markers. I work in several layers: the first layer is light blue in the light, dark blue in the shadow, the second layer I add contrast on the
    faces and critical planes.

  3. I use several shades of beige and brown. I outline the light part on wheels, the surface of the earth and the side insert on the machine.

  4. I use two green markers to draw grass and forest in the background, and several shades of beige for dead wood.

  5. I add purple to the dark places of the windows, under the car and into the forest in the background. In the future, purple will not be visible, but black will acquire a pleasant shade.

  6. For further work, we need a few gray tones from light to dark. We start right
    away with a medium tone. I add gray to the brink between the light and dumb sides of the van, in the wheels and in the glass.

  7. Now I take a darker tone and go through the windows again, pay attention to the structure of the wheels and the shadow under the car.

  8. I draw the clouds with a light gray marker, add a white gel pen for glare.

Recently, a set of markers from winsorandnewton fell into my hands. These are alcohol markers with two tips: a chisel and a pen. The set is called Manga Fantasy and it includes 12 markers of different colors and one blender. What are alcohol markers and how do I draw them - I know for sure)) Therefore, we move on to the test!


✅ Markers are packed in a plastic box, which opens very easily ... and closes)) Markers can be stored and transported in it 👌.

✅ The shapes of the caps are different. I always know where the chisel is and where the pen is 😉.

✅ Now the stain. Markers do not flow, fit well on paper. The color almost matches the color of the marker itself.

❌ The cap of an uncomfortable shape inside, with a sloppy closure (for people like me - relevant) - the structure of the bit breaks. We have to make sure that the marker enters the cap freely and does not touch the protrusions inside the cap.

✅ Markers mix well with each other and with markers of other brands 👌. There are no gray markers in this set, therefore Finecolour markers are used in this illustration. All markers mix perfectly 👌.

This is the end of the test. Markers showed a solid four out of five in terms of the main parameters that I present to markers. Save and draw for your pleasure😉. If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them 😏.

All my paintings can be bought for sbd/steem

Thank you for watching!


P.S. It is hard to write in English, because my native language is Russian. But I'm learning. If you notice serious errors in the text that interfere with the correct perception, please let me know about them.

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wow. this is awesome... Being able to draw like that is just a great form of art. Thank you for sharing and I am sure a lot of people love this art.


Thank you!)

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That looks wonderful. Thank you for sharing us this step by step process. Have a great day

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thank you =)

Beautiful drawing, lovely vehicle , awesome markers 💯💙

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I think that this post of how you produced your work of art, is a work of art itself! It is so amazing, it should be an exhibit in some fine art museum. Just awesome!


thank you =)


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The artwork looks amazing and your post is so well presented:) So many tips and instructions to understand your way of work are so valuable:) Try to add the #creativecoin at your posts, it will be to your advantage to be rewarded with CCC tokens along with Steem:)


thank you) I'll try it =)


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At first when I saw this out of the corner of my eye I thought it was some kind of homemade rocket launcher! :-)

Wow! You are so clever! Love how you show how you do it

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This is just perfect!

Very cool and amazing work, so full of details. Spectacular job.

Thanks a lot for sharing your creativity and talent with us.

Fantastic artwork 💖💖👍👍

..especially loving the license plate too 😆😍 so cute ☺

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Fascinating for me to see the process from beginning to end.

Namaste, JaiChai

Hello @amalinavia, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

I love how the layers of colour brings out the tone of the whole drawing.


Thank you =)

I really loved how you showed your process and gave a better insight in how you approached and problem solved anything that came up while you were creating this. Have a great day!

All done with markers wow this is amazing. I love the softness of the drawing somehow like in a relaxing way. I am having trouble finding the correct words lol.