My Inktober2019. Day1-day7 (ring, mindless, bait, freeze, build, husky, enchanted)

4개월 전


I woke up at night and realized that I can’t sleep until I’ll draw all the missing words for the Inktober.

And then I realized that I can participate in this contest, having fulfilled all the conditions. All I have to do is draw on the official prompt of the inktober))) And since it is not forbidden by the rules of the inktober to mix words in one illustration (or even welcome), then let there be one illustration with the first seven words:

The Mindless Snake (ring) became the bait that the husky drags towards the build through the enchanted forest.

And a few intermediate steps:

  1. I draw a picture in pencil and begin to draw around the liner.
  2. Almost completely finished work. All the dark places are flooded with black.
  3. The final work.

It was as if I had done my homework at school)) I immediately lost the feeling that I did not do something. And I am very happy about this!

All my paintings can be bought for sbd/steem

You can find me here:

Thank you for watching!


P.S. It is hard to write in English, because my native language is Russian. But I'm learning. If you notice serious errors in the text that interfere with the correct perception, please let me know about them.

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Brilliant idea for the prompts! 😉👍

Congratulations on this drawing and much success in the contest! $trdo


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Thank you!

Nice art for the contest. Good luck!


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You're just amazing @amalinavia 💕

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A lovely and witty effort here my friend.
Good luck in the contest! Blessings!

Smart thinking and amazingly ink art! ✒🎨🖌

Love your talent and the way it turned out

Getting up because you can't sleep until you've finished everything is dedication! Love this and all your art works!

That's great! Is the picture from a story you've heard, or is the husky and the snake still a story waiting to be told?

I wish you good luck in the contest! A wonderfully told story and I love the way you work with the ink.

Now, I look for the rest of the story!!! I know there has to be something behind that husky, snake and forest!

Have a great day, @amalinavia~!!

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@amalinavia I love your ingenuity in combining the 1st prompts in one fabulous drawing! I loved your street ink drawings too. You're very talented!

Your drawings are all really great, but this is the first of yours that I've seen that is imaginary.
Yes, it's a big relief for me too when I finally complete a task and can cross it off my list!
Nice work.

Ah I love seeing all the art here in Inktober.

Will have to get my little one drawing and posting again.


Fantastic. What a way to catch up. Great work

Snake sure has an evil grin on his face, dog looks happy to have him by the tail, sticking his tongue out..., nice sketch art @amalinavia

I really love your drawings, you're really good!

Sometimes you need to get it off your mind, then you can have peaceful sleep


Sometimes you need to
Get it off your mind, then you
Can have peaceful sleep

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Hey, that's pretty sexy!

Congrats on the rally vote!

Beautiful work, @amalinavia!

Wonderfully done @amalinavia. It's very enjoyable.