Inktober 2019 - Day 21 - TREASURE

24일 전


Treasure, almost immediately after seeing the theme of the day I remembered a character from a very popular Mexican series, even today. Do you know "El Chavo del ocho"?
Well, I'll tell you a little. In this series there is a character named Kiko who is a boy spoiled by a mother who believes she is a high class even living in a working class neighborhood.
Constantly "Doña Florinda" the mother, calls it "my treasure".
You just have to see a little "El Chavo del ocho" maybe you like it, maybe not. It is a comedy based on the pranks of a group of children played by adults.
You dare?
I leave a bit of the process of this drawing made with ballpoint pen for InkTober.


@andreasalastreasure (1).jpg

@andreasalastreasure (2).jpg

@andreasalastreasure (3).jpg


@andreasalastreasure (4).jpg

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Has it been to your liking? I invite you to continue seeing excellent illustrations for InkTober in the profile of @OCD and @original.content.


And a special greeting to the communities of @discovery-it, @stellae, @c-sqared, @curie, and @helpie for the support provided.

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That's nice to learn something about Spanish TV cultures. As I see it's partly available in English as well.

You made an asterisk at the title. Where do you wanted to lead us? I can't find an equivalent.


There are things that I have to correct, but my excuse is that I have a cold and my head is in the stratosphere, but holding on to the challenge as much as I can :D


No excuse needed. I wish you a speedy recovery!


El Chavo del Ocho
El Chavo (originally known as El Chavo del Ocho) is a Mexican television sitcom that gained enormous popularity in Latin America, Brazil, Spain and other countries. The show is centered around the adventures and tribulations of the title character—a poor orphan nicknamed "El Chavo" (which means "The Lad"), played by the show's creator, Roberto Gómez Bolaños "Chespirito"—and other inhabitants of a fictional low-income housing complex, or, as called in Mexico, vecindad. Its theme song is "The Elephant Never Forgets" by Jean-Jacques Perrey, based on Beethoven's "Turkish March" Op. 113.


LOL - yes, write it to the blockchain