I was very embarrassed to present my work.

4개월 전

Hello dear friends Steemit! In my free time I decided to try to sell my work in the store. For this, I rented a small lot in the store, set the table, and broke up my work: notebooks, postcards and just art. I was very embarrassed to present my work. But I won my fear)

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Greetings @andrianna

Excellent, you are an example of perseverance, discipline and perseverance.

I hope you can make many sales, your products are good.

hello! yes) many thanks friend!

Hermoso trabajo. Un arte unico... sigue adelante con tus publicaciones amiga.. saludos

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Very nice art work, don't embarrassed to present.
This article is like your own and it is yours i know.
But why cheetah is coming on your account..


because they crowd out users whose work is evaluated. thank you friend!

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