Deyneris with dragons

5년 전

Hello friends! Here's a little stage of my work! All this time I paint it. I love this series, and I want to convey the ralism of this beautiful actress. The fragile blond girl Deni with big violet eyes and timid, weightless gaze.

Heir to the family and the last of the Targarienes house.

Strong, resolute and wise Khalisi, leading her people behind her.

The daughter of King Eyeris and Queen Reyella, the younger sister of Prince Reygara and Prince Wieseris, who became the Mother of the Dragons.

Please support my efforts and work! Thank you !

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Upvoted and Followed !cool stuff ! I'm also an illustrator but I work digitally, take a look at @derekvonzarovich

Très jolie coup de crayon beaucoup de finesse.jolie travail.Bravo!!!

Very lovely drawing :)I follow you now and I resteemed this post :) Steem on!


thanks you very much)

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Damn! Your work is extremely mesmerizing. Keep up the work, Anna.


Thanks you)

Изумительный рисунок!Не каждому дано так изобразить.У тебя талант на лицо.Молодец!Дерзай,успех ждёт тебя.Замечательная работа,продолжай так же.Ты овладела техникой,ведь,на мой взгляд,самое трудное это рисовать лицо.Оно у тебя выглядит естественно.


Спасибо большое! спасибо за позитивные слова)

Very beautiful drawing showing a lot of skill and talent!

Que hermosooo!!! tienes mucho talento h.h