Waterways Map of Israel / Palestine

2년 전

I am taking a university class on Digital Humanities, and we are learning to use the QGIS open source software, which is a mapping tool. Started playing a bit with colors and layers, and I found the result I got from this waterways map really touched me emotionally. I don't wish to explain why in words, I guess it speaks to the experience of someone who was born and raised in Israel on the verge of the Millennium.

palestine QGIS.png

So apparently geography can become political art, it is all in the eye (and mind, and heart – ) of the beholder.

Spread the word, share the love (CC–BY), play the music. ❤


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That is absolutely fabulous! Id love to see you do more of these for other areas and countries. Its art, but real life art. Best thing Ive seen today and good luck with the degree my friend :-)


Thanks for you kind words :). I doubt that I can create something meaningful with other countries, as I live in Israel and the thing meant something for me only because of my personal history.

Master piece of art work you have done man its finest way to presenting a map in different way i like it and appreciate your work keep going with bang


Thanks man. feel free to share (with attribution)


You are most welcome sir

My cousin is Israeli, I feel he would have the same sentiment. Nice share friend, I hope you do well in the course :)


Thanks :)

You have presented an amazing art. Presenting a map in a completely different way, the creativity that you introduced is truly unique. I'm fascinated by seeing such a wonderful job. Hopefully others will love it. Thanks sir.


Thank you for your kind words, I'm glad to hear that :)