#DigitalizandoDibujos "CINEMA" + 7 Fun Facts

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I tell you that recently I woke up the interest of learning to use Adobe programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator, so I took one of my drawings that had gone long ago (click to view) to digitize, vectorizarlo and edit . In this way I learned a little more to use the programs and how great they are, also "value" (so to speak) all those cartoons found on the Internet, really need a lot of time and dedication in order to have a good result. Then I hope you like this drawing, they'm honest I really liked the result, I believe that to be my first drawing is not sooo bad ... so Critiques accepted to improve!


Similarly I would like to share the drawings separately in png file:







And since we are talking about the film ...

7 fun facts about the film

No. 1 Did you know ...

5 grossing films of stories are: "Avatar" in 2009. 2. "Titanic" in 1997. 3. "Star Wars: Episode VII - The Awakening of the Force" in 2015. 4. "Avengers: Infinty War" 2018. 5. "Jurassic World" in 2015.

No. 2 Did you know ...

The charcoal drawing with Kate Winslet in "Titanic" was drawn by the director of the film itself; James Cameron.

No. 3 Did you know ...

It is estimated that in the film "Jurassic Park 3" more than 5000 gallons of oats were used to simulate dinosaur drool.

No. 4 Did you know ...

In the movie "The Passion of Christ" the star James Caviezel was struck by lightning on his back during the crucifixion scene, leaving a wound 36 centimeters. Similarly assistant director Jan Michelini to beat two beams during recording.

No. 5 Did you know ...

In the film "Guardians of the Galaxy" both the film's director and producer, wanted the great David Bowie made a cameo in the latest installment of it, however weeks prior to unfortunately recording the musician died.

No. 6 Did you know ...

Around 350 films are based directly or indirectly in the works of English playwright William Shakespeare.

No. 7 Did you know ...

The movie "Titanic" cost more than the same ocean liner.

Thank you for going through here, do not forget to vote and comment, tell me what you think of this drawing ?, what do you think of the data? remember that your support is super important to continue!

See you in the next post

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