Portrait of Kate, oil on linen



Hello, Steemians!

Sorry for the lack of comprehensive content recently, non-artistic life chasing me everywhere and tries to feed me some lemons. Will drop some interesting content sooner or later so stay tuned. This is my recent portrait study I've done in two sessions, one is alla prima you can see above (3 hours) and below you will find the result of second session when I tried to refine design and improve some aspect of this portrait.


"Kate", 30x40 cm, oil on linen

Hope you dig it, people!

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This is amazing her face is so realistic

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@arthurgain, the oil painting of the girl was so professional and pretty. Are you specialist in oil painting? Do you painted scenery as well? My parent own an oil painting of Hong Kong scenery (gifted from a friend). It really amazing and impressed on how artist like you able to paint such a fantastic job. I could imagine oil paint is not as easy as other water color pain.
Congratulation on your curie vote and you deserved it.

This is such a beautiful technique and painting that I call a 'real' painting. This is that kind of art that you can see in Duomo in Florence painted by the best artists ever.

She is so pretty and looks real. I love how exact are the lines that you painted. All details of her face are shaped perfectly.

I also like the warm colors. They make me feel that she is a very kind and friendly person.

Stunning art work that absolutely deserves the attention! Thank you for sharing!

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howdy from Texas arthurgain! This portrait is so real and life-like. If this is a real person I bet she's thrilled with the results! Are you saying that it took you just 3 hours to paint the top one?
Do you paint portraits for a side income?


Thanks! I tend to do most crucial part wet-on-wet, if I don't like the outcome I can just wipe it off and start over on the next session. It's easier to add details or background later if face is painted nicely. And nothing can save the portrait if main part is not good. It should appeal with or without finishing touches.

Yes, I do some portrait commissions now and then.

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well sir you are very gifted and steemit is lucky to have you! Thanks so much for the explanation.

She looks beautiful. I love your use of colours. Your painting gives her an air of mystery.
You are incredibly skilled in the art. Lovely work you have done here.
Congrats on your curie upvote.

We definitely dig it. This such a lovely portrait. Is she your friend? I like your use of shadows in the painting. How long did it take you to complete this?

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Absolutely dig this! I really like how the shadow on the left side of her face (my right) blends in with her hair. Something about that and the color of her hair really brings out the eyes.

I'm impressed with the realism though. It's so awesome how you're able to pull that out in a painting. Did you scan it or take a photo of the final version to get it on steemit? Just curious how that's done.

Thanks for sharing!

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Now, I want to know more about Kate :-) Steemit is the place where you can meet real masters. Thanks for sharing.

very professional painted people @arthurgain I really liked the work that you did the face calls me a lot of attention is one of the parts that I like most I hope that someday you paint me to have a great art in my house yours @neymarth11

Greetings @arthurgain That beautiful portrait of Kate with her pretty face and beautiful pink cheeks. You looked very cute is one of the most radiant parts of women. A lovely face is great. You look spectacular portrait on canvas. Great talent you have. Enjoying your work in your publication has been a pleasure.

This is a stunning portrait great work.

your realism is very very good !

This is a really beautiful painting, Kate sure is a beautiful lady. I love the look in her eyes, it speaks of the peace which she has within...

Your oil painting works are so beautiful. I really like how you painted her face here, the colours are warm and natural, they remind me of paintings by the old masters.
Congratulations for your curie vote =).

what great art you have done @arthurgain I like how you painted the face too original it is as if a person alive calls you a lot of attention I hope you keep doing more art @neymarth10

Beautiful portrait, @arthurgain :) Always, you are impressive with your lighting and shadow, and the way you re-create skintone is masterful * ___ *

Love your stuff <3

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Wow. Your skills are absolutely blowing me away!
Who is the subject here?

I love the shadows details and hair, very well played, the work is very kool not only for how real it looks but because it has its innovation. Congratulations, respect.

Great job. Your painting is very good, surely you have practiced a lot of time with a lot of discipline to acquire a skill like that. I wish I could see more works like those here in Steemit. Upvote!

seems you're a professional..
any real reference? a photo or sth?


this one is done from the photo of the girl I've made a couple of months back

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Hi arthurgain,

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Thanks a lot, I am honoured!

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