Kartika - Tempera Grassa study


This piece was born during the recent workshop with Daniel Mirante on mischtechnik - painting technique of the old masters. It is very interesting to study with different teachers, and getting a deeper insight into their unique approaches. I did fall in love with working with tempera grassa, being able to make my own emulsion, and mixing it up with a pigment.
I feel very connected with the Dakini lineage, so this very handy tool feels very familiar to me, we have been using it for many lifetimes;)


Kartika - “knife of the Dakinis”
“The traditional interpretation of the hook in Tibetan Buddhist imagery is that of the hook of compassion. It is the hook which pulls beings out of the cycles of transmigration. The hooked crescent-shaped knife of the dakini with its vajra handle pulls one forth from suffering, chops up the ego-centred self and is guided by the diamond clarity of the vajra.”

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