1000 Followers! - Print Giveaway!

5년 전

Hey everyone!

I'd like to take a moment here to thank you all for the incredible support of the last few months!
Thank you all for following me and commenting on my work, participating in my Raffle's and of late the 'Steemit Art School'!!

I am really enjoying my time here on Steemit and it has given me incredible opportunities!
I've met amazing people, incredible artists, writers and musicians this platform really is something else!

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!

Again thank you so much!

As a present.. Let's do a print giveaway!
I'm waiting a bit for the weekly Raffle's as I'm in the midst of moving! :)

But I've dug up some prints that I can send off to anyone who is interested in winning one!

All you have to do is say which one you would like to win - Comment below and resteem.. although this time 'resteeming' is optional! :)

Again thank you so much!

Let's begin!

Newly Discovered Powers!

I hope there is something among these that you like!? :)
Please just leave the name of the print you want to win below and next week I'll draw a name!

I will take care of shipping costs etc, you just have to wait patiently untill a signed art print get's delivered!

Wherever you are in the world.. My prints will find you! :)))

Thank you again for all the support these past few months!
I hope we can make 2018 as awesome! <3

Rogier / @beekart

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Oh man please let me be the lucky winner. these are sweet. My Fav- Gambit Cheers. Smooth sailing to ya'

You need to start getting used to adding the link to your online shop in your posts. No, it's not "selling out". It's giving people the option to buy these amazing artworks on a shirt, for example.

Your annoying marketing advisor.


Haha yes i guess you are right :)
I just always forget.. DOH!

Would love to win : Newly Discovered Powers!

Hi, I'd love the Groot if I was to win. Your art is amazing by the way I can't wait until I'm as good.


Thank you! Noted! It will take some time ,, but it will be worth it! ;))

First off, congrats on the 1000 followers! And secondly, what a great idea. If I am lucky enough to reach 1000 maybe Ill follow your lead and do a give away, it seems such a nice way to give back to our followers. Amazing work too, by the way. I know I've said it before, but it doesn't hurt to say it over, am I right?


Thank you very much donna! :)
I'm sure ull reach 1000 followers! it is just a matter of time ;))

Ok @beekart, it's a hard pick out of these...

If I win one, I'd love to get the Newly Discovered Power print.

Thanks for doing this, congrats on 1000 followers and happy moving.


Thanks mate!
I already know the moving is going to be a pain in the ass :D


Yeah I guess it always is ...

These are all marvelous, but I love the colors of the last one, the Champion. Great contrast, great lines. I'll enter for that one!
And sure, good sir, I'll resteem :D


Thank you very much @ziofeda ! :)
I'll write you down for that one ^^

Groot! (Of course) :)

I'm glad to see you continue to do well and wish you an easy move. Though it is optional, I'll make sure to resteem your post to others.

Good luck to everyone!


Thank you so much @hglucky13 I noted groot for you ;)

By the way I had been wanting to tell you, you inspired me to draw again. This is the latest: https://steemit.com/art/@senorcoconut/today-s-morning-sketch


I just saw the post.. a few days to late! :X sorry


No worries no worries! There will be more!

this is awesome... you are very talented and deserve all the following you get. I'm so happy to be here too and its artists like you that make it so fun.


Thank you very much! :)
Glad you are here too haha
Do you want to win a print? if so,, post the name here :D


yes i would love one... can you make out to "ilovepoorpeople" for now because I'm trying to stay low profile for a good purpose? ;)


And congratulations on your 1001 followers😀


Sounds good mate! Thank yoU!

Congratulations Rogier for making a lot of followers! =)


Thank you @gailbelga ;)
Couldn't have done it without all of you amazing steemo's! ;)

Would you like to win one of these prints?


Can i have them all dear? But on a serious note, i would love to have one of these.

Awesome work! Can't wait to see more from you. I'm a Groot fan, sign me up!


Haha will do! .. Seems the popular pick around here --_--!! :D

Awesome of you to run this. And congratulations on reaching 1000 followers.

I'd love the dragon one!


Thank you @geekpowered ! :) Ill write you down for a dragon hehe :D

my god, i want to have gambit sir... i remembered the old game Marvel vs Street Fighter <3


Sounds good mate! i'll write you down for a gambit :D


Thanks mate! noted!


I am brand spanking new to Steemit and I wanted to say that coming across your work on here is what made me sign up!

Very cool to see another artist making great work, and being supported doing it! Can't wait to see more of your work and be a part of the journey!!


Hey @samdutter thanks for participating! That is awesome to hear dude! STeemit really is a great way of sharing your work with people.. other social media platforms you are easily grouped in your own bubble by their algorithms.. here when you share work everyone can see it.. its amazing! u'll find out in no time!

Just stick with it,, itw ill be totally worth it!

That's fantastic mate, you deserve all of your followers. You are very talented and I think all of your art Is amazing, anyone would be lucky to receive any of your work :)


Thank you mate! ^^ appreciate it alot!
Do you have a preference.. i cant send them alll over if you win! ? :D


Tough decision 😁 I am a huge Marvel fan so I'd say Groot for me mate.

You know, I am Groot.

btw, it seems that I have some spare time these days, so I am going to check out your Art School Classes. I've got a couple of liners ready and I'll start off with negative space soon!


Hahaha I hope I can finally send you one! ^^

Amazing to hear! Would be so cool to see you participate in it i know ull do great!

Beautiful work and congratulations on the 1000 follower milestone!

I'd love to win the Champion print :)


Thank you very much @darnuss06 it really is.. didnt think it would go this fast tho! :D

I'll write you down for the champion print! Cheers!

I'd so love to win champion I think that's my most favourite one!!


Thank you very much @lunaticmoon :D Ill write you down for it hehe

I am Groot!!! 😍😍😍🙋

Mij hoef je niet ver te sturen! Een dragon graag! Ik had liever een wolf, maar ik neem wat ik kan krijgen ;-) En gefeliciteerd met je 100 followers, ik heb nog een eindje te gaan. Heb je eraan gedacht om met mijn competitie mee te doen?

The Dragon one is bad ass, I need it! Keep up the good work, sent you a follow!


Thank you @marksoswavey ! You could also buy it from the etsy shop ;D
But winning is better for sure!! :D


I am really quite fond of the Angel piece, perhaps inordinately so. I think it might fit all too well into my current lab's aesthetic, which seems to trend toward comic art of the Vertigo era and Dante Alighieri.

And if that's not disturbing enough…


Noted.. 1 angels print ;))))

So happy to have you here on steemit! :D Congrats to that awesome milestone. Next 1000 will follow soon! ;)


Oh and I just realized, I owe you one big thank you post for the prints I got from you!! 😱😓

Huge CONGRATS on reaching 1000 followers! No surprise there - your work is fantastic.
It's hard to choose, but if I should be lucky enough to be drawn again, I'm gonna go with my man Groot. 😁


haha Thank you very much! :D Yes just like everyone else.. Groot is popular!

Congratulations @beekart! I would take them all! Lol, I'm fairly new, I would prefer one of your long term followers a chance to win. I'll definitely try for one when you get another thousand : )


Don't be silly! You too can have a chance at winning one, just name it! :D


Well, you've made a compelling argument lol I like Sylvanas