Inktober - Day 13 - Guarded


Hey everyone!

Today is day 13 .. And the topic is - Guarded -

Before posting the picture into the post here.. Let me just take a second to say that I am really grateful for all the support and lovely comments I receive on these drawings.

You guys are awesome! .. Thank you so much! <3

Thank you for checking it out!

Rogier / @beekart

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I love this one! So cute!


Thank you! :)

Love how you master those perspectives in drawings @beekart!


Thank you @jungwatercolor :D i shouldve been doing that all along!

He's chargiiiinggg forward!
I love that you manage to capture the action in this picture =).


Thanks :D only since of late that i spend more effort making things more dynamic.. never occurred tome as much :')

I love your style. In your works to me every stroke looks on the right place😲👍🏼


i know what you mean :P it is a matter of practice and experience i guess :) Thank you so much! :)

Iits beautiful! I think I always tell you that your drawing is amazing or impressive, but I can not find any more words to show you that I love them.
Those comments are all very good and that's because you do a great job and people admire what you do!


Thank you @yanes94 :D
Its just good to stand still and realize how awesome everyone is once in a while :D thanks for the support!


Yes it is beautiful! I would like to stop a bit, although my life is a bit complicated.
My support always you will have it because you are a great artist and excellent person!

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He looks like a kid who's playing a guard and who's 120% into his roleplay :D Love the tied up cape and the makeshift gears :)

I've been enjoying your inktober series so far, Rogier <3 <3 <3 Keep it up !!!


Haha yep that's him! He's all there in imagination land ;)

Thank you very much! ^^

I love it trash can lid shield and bucket head helm, wonderful.