'Skye Fish Amid Skye Fleurs' .....from bleujay's Skye Fleur Collection.

2년 전

'Skye Fish Amid Skye Fleurs'

......original artwork and photography by @bleujay; presented by @bentleycapital.

Close-up of the Work

Finished Work

Transitional Stages including Original Cloud Photograph used as a Canvas

Original Photograph of Models

'Skye Fish Amid Skye Fleurs'

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For those interested in the details......

You may be drawing something you are quite familiar with and know exactly where the work is going....lovely.  Then you have an idea.....give it some thought.....perhaps the idea will work.  

An art principle:  Control with Abandonment and Abandonment with Control.

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a very beautiful fish.
wonderful art @bentleycapital


Thank you for your kind compliment.



thank your welcome @bentleycapital

Very cool, I like fish :)


Greetings @majes,

Appreciate your kind words.

Happy to hear you enjoyed the post and that you like fish.....they are fascinating to watch...are they not.

Here's hoping you get to see some dolphins soon.

Wishing you and yours all the best. ^__^


What a lovely work @bleujay, I love those little fishes, you managed to create of atmosphere of underwater too with such little bubbles rising up. The fishes from picture have gorgeous tails, are they your own fishes?


Greetings @stef1,

So happy to hear the work communicates.......thank you for your kind words. ^__^

With regard to your query.....they are....however they are a bit out of their element as their home is a lily pond.....volunteers for a photoshoot. hehe

All the best to you and yours.


WOW! Very adorable yellow skye fish amid really gorgeous white skye fleurs! Very creative idea! Yeah! Very lovely artwork!

The original photo of blue sky with plenty of white clouds is also wonderful. And the original fish have very bright color and the water is very clear and clean. Great shot!

Wishing you and your family a nice weekend! ;)


Greetings @tangmo,

Very kind of you to stop by with such energetic complimentary praise.......thank you!

Happy to hear you enjoyed the work.

Thank you for your kind wishes.

Here's wishing you and yours a lovely week! ^__^



You are much welcome!

Many thanks for your lovely wish!

Have a wonderful day! ;)

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