'Tulip Celebration'.....Watercolour from @bleujay's Art Collection

2년 전

'Tulip Celebration'

....original watercolour and photography by @bleujay; presented by @bentleycapital.

Finished Work 

Transition Stages


'Tulip Celebration'

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For those interested in the details......

How to portray 'Spring' in all of it's splendor.....how to portray 'Easter' .....the celebration of the Resurrected Christ Jesus in all of His Glory.....

An artistic attempt to celebrate in art form the awe of this victorious historic event with its ever present effect.  

.....I am the Resurrection and the Life....he that believes in Me (Christ Jesus) though he were dead, yet shall he live.  John 11.25

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It's a lovely work art. I like the shine colors


Thank you for your kind words.

Happy Easter!

beautiful tulip flower friend,a very incredible art @bentleycapital


Thank you for your lovely comment.

Happy Easter!


thank you again my friend.

Thank you @bleujay for this beauty of spring, the colours of life-green, water-blue and sun-yellow. All together they represent a birth of life. The stages of painting are like a little door into your workshop, I really appreciate you for showing us the process, I am always eager to see how other create their work and there is always something that I want to learn from others. The Easter Holiday is approaching this is one of the favourite holiday in our family, my son despite of been 15 y.o. still love it, it is a family gathering and may be still a part of his childhood.
I wish you and your family nice Easter Holidays. Cheers...


Greetings Stef1,

So very kind of you to drop by.

Happy to hear you enjoyed the post and painting. ^__^

Yes....Easter is a favourite here as well.

Thank you for your kind wishes....here's wishing you and your family a lovely Easter Holiday!


Magnificent watercolour of gorgeous tulips! The colours are very lovely. Well done, as always!

Wishing you and yours a beautiful day! ;)


Thank you @tangmo for dropping by.

Always lovely to hear from you. ^__^

Enjoyed hearing you enjoyed the work.

Thank you for your kind wishes......here's wishing you and your family a lovely day!



With my pleasure!

I love @bleujay's artworks and always admire them.

Many thanks for your kind wishes. All the best to you and yours! ;)