'Tulip on Safari' ......from @bleujay's Skye Fleur Collection

2년 전

'Tulip on Safari'

.......original artwork and photography by bleujay; presented by bentleycapital.

Transition Stages

Original Skye Photograph used as a Canvas

Thank you for visiting bentleycapital.


A note regarding the details;

Clouds so easily translate to the Tulip fleur and so it was with this one as well. 

As the work became so very summery in mood.....it seemed a bit unfinished without a bit of whimsey.....thus, the addition of giraffes and their defining characteristics throughout.

Kind Regards, 


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You are a genius great work so nice


Greetings @starboye,

Thank you for your kind words.


In my deep view, this fly giraffe looks like a ghost of all killed animals in Savannah. Great idea abd good job.


Thank you for stopping by @vita-lina

Happy to hear you enjoyed the artwork.


하늘을 바탕으로 만들어내는 상상의 날개는 훌륭한 예술작품을 만들었어요

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Greetings @veronicalee,

Thank you for your kind attention.

All the best to you. ^__^


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Thank you @swiftcash!

That looks so cute, giraffes were my favourite animals since I was a child, there are few things I found fascinating: of course their unusual form with long neck, I thought they would need a long scarf in winter, I loved those two little horns on head and their pattern looks so soft and summery. Thank you @bleujay and @bentleycapital for such summery creation :)


Greetings @stef1,

Appreciate hearing your thoughts with regard to the art.....one always hopes to connect with the viewer in a positive way, their frame of reference plays an important part.

Giraffes are so very interesting and appealing in their graceful manner and quiet ways.

Yes....a long scarf indeed. hehe

So happy to hear you enjoyed the work......thank you for your kind words.

Cheers from bleujay!

Very creative artwork and good name, “Tulip on Safari”!

The WHITE tulip, giraffe, sky and clouds are ones of my favorites, so these are great combination, especially in my eyes.

Your tulip is very gorgeous and your giraffes are so cute. Well done, as always.

Your original photo of sky and clouds is very wonderful. Great capture!

Wishing you and your family a beautiful week. ;)


Greetings @tangmo,

Always a pleasure to hear from you.....thank you for you kind generous complimentary words.

Happy to hear you enjoyed the post and the combination. hehe ^__^

Thank you for your kind wishes.

Here's wishing you and yours a lovely week. ^__^



You are always much welcome!

Many thanks for your kind wishes.

All the best to you and your family! ;)