'Tulips and More Tulips' ......from @bleujay's Skye Fleur Collection

2년 전

'Tulips and More Tulips' ......from @bleujay's Skye Fleur Collection

..........original artwork and photography by @bleujay;  presented by @bentleycapital with permission.

The Finished Works

Original Photograph of the Skye

Original Photograph of Tulips

'Tulips and More Tulips'

Thank you for visiting @bentleycapital.


For those interested in the details.......

There has been quite the number of 'Tulip' posts this fine Spring......from visits to world famous gardens, to tulip farms and those found out and about local villages.  Of course these were very inspiring as were tulips from my own garden....to the point of many experiments with these amazing fleurs on paper and digitally.

Inspired by these fine Steemians..... @olgy-art, @bart2305, @ksolymosi and @delishtreats .....thank you.

Kind Regards,


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Good afternoon @bleujay,

Such an honor to be mentioned here. I'm glad that my post (among others) inspired your art.

I like the sky with clouds and that strong contrasting red color. And that butterfly is adorable :)

Have a lovely weekend!



Greetings @delishtreats,

How very kind of you to stop by.

Happy to hear you enjoyed the work......which is a reciprocal thought...your work gets full marks.

Thank you for your kind wishes. ^__^

Wishing you a lovely week!

Cheers! from bleujay/bentleycapital

That is good idea to rotate the original sky photo then these longitudinal clouds looking like the flower-stems, I know that you like to create your artwork based on sky and clouds. In tulips I like that intense red color, although from outside they are not so strong but looking in you can see the dark central area, then yellow and orange circles and then red. They are real flowers of spring. Beautiful bouquet and nice creation of sky flowers, dear @bleujay. I wish you nice weekend and hope you will have nice time with your family!


Greetings @stef1,

Thank you for your splendid reply to the work......yes....so very fragile looking and then the surprise strength inside. ^__^

Perhaps you have experienced this.....in your work...where you have been working with a complex work and then only something of a simplistic execution will do when you set out to work again.

These are simple artistic expressions that emerge from time to time.

Thank you for your kind wishes....indeed we did.

Here's wishing you and yours a lovely week!


NB Appreciate you taking the time to drop by.....enjoyed the cuppa. ^__^

Very magnificent artwork of tulips from @bleujay’s skye fleur collection! The flower has very bright color. The little butterfly is really cute.

It’s great that these are inspired from the tulips in your own garden.

The original photograph of the skye is very wonderful.

The original photograph of tulips is very gorgeous.

The black and white photograph is very excellent.

Great work, as always! ;)

Wishing you and yours a pleasant weekend. ;))


Greetings @tangmo,

Lovely to hear from you.

Thank you for your kind encouraging appreciative words regarding the work.

Appreciate your kind wishes.....indeed we did.

Here's wishing you and yours a lovely week! ^__^



You’re welcome! And thanks so much for your kind wishes.

All the best to you and your family! ;)

These always intrigue me so. So very creative, and differ SO from the original imagery. They really inspire the old imagination on this end too. Hope you do not mind my visuopoetic licence. But I never really learned to steer this brain very efficiently, when they gave the craniodriver's ed classes in high school. I may have been too busy looking at the girls in class.

My first thought...a couple of deep diving whales, passing one of the oddly cool creatures we saw in the movie The Abyss. And they're very red whales, so he or she or both are on the edge of the end of a long, happy life. Like Sockeye salmon fish, changing color at the end of their days in a NW stream after spawning. Thanks for the small push off the cliff of 'whatintheworlddoyousee'. Cheers to a nice Saturday in May.


Greetings @ddschteinn,

What a pleasure to be a recipient of those smiles you bring with you. Appreciate hearing your creative fun thoughts expressed.

Thank you for the kind words regarding the work.....So happy to hear it was inspiring......sweet!

Indeed bleujay had a nice Saturday in May.....hope you did as well.

Here's wishing you and yours a lovely week! ^__^



So glad you don't mind my at-times, off-kilter takes on your artworks. But they pique something or another differently every time. I guess that is the beauty of art. The interpretation. Even if the interpretation if a bit off the mark with intent.
Glad I made you smile. The world needs all of those it can get. Cheers on a Monday now, in May

Which flower is your favorite mine is a rose


Greetings @teenagecrypto,

Appreciate you stopping by.

The rose is worthy of a pick as a favourite indeed!

The Rose is a favourite here as well.


amazing tulip paintings, with a touch of dazzling colors @bentleycapital


Greetings @love-peace,

What a kind comment....thank you.

All the best.