'Tulips on a Windy Day........from @bleujay's 'Skye Fleur' Collection

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'Tulips on a Windy Day'.......from @bleujay's 'Skye Fleur' Collection.

........original digital artwork and photography by @bleujay;  presented by @bentleycapital.

Finished Work

Transition Stages

Original Photograph of the Skye used as a Canvas

'Tulips on a Windy Day'

Thank you for visiting @bentleycapital.  Cheers!

For those interested in the details.......

The intriguing cloud photograph was ripe for composition with its scale and movement. 

What should one draw on such a find as this.....is the query.  

Let's have a look at what is happening outside.......a bit of wind, a bit of snow, and the promise of bulbs with their shoots giving notice of the season coming soon.  

Presenting a way to express one's stroll in the garden.

Kind Regards, bleujay

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they do dance and some got bent today
too windy here these days
the weather suddenly went mad we even had soft hails weirdness overload


Hi ya @englishtchrivy,

Lovely comment....very lively! ^__^

Yes..... Mistral conditions....can wreck havoc....sorry yours got bent.

Thank you for stopping by mon ami.

A binetot! xox!

It is amazing how you had done it @bentleycapital because you transformed clouds into flowers.


Greetings @cryptopie,

Appreciate your kind words.....so happy to hear you enjoyed the post.

Wishing you all the best. ^__^


Terrific. The composition is both vibrant and restful. I can almost feel the breeze imagining myself sitting nearby.


Greetings @momzillanc,

Thank you for your kind expressive words,

Appreciate you stopping by.


NB Appreciate the resteem.....very kind of you.


You’re very welcome.

WOW! Very gorgeous white tulips from @bleujay’s “Skye Fleur” Collection! They look so soft on the Windy Day! LOVE LOVE! Excellent artwork!

Yeah! I can feel as if I’m strolling in the wonderful garden indeed.

The original photo is also my favorite, the blue sky and white clouds are beautiful. Great shot!

Wishing you and your family a nice day! ;)


Greetings @tangmo,

How very kind of you to drop by with this lovely comment about the artwork.

So appreciate hearing you enjoyed it.

Thank you for your kind wishes.......here's wishing you and yours a lovely week. ^__^



It's always my pleasure! ;)

Thanks so much for your lovely wishes!

Have a wonderful weekend! ;))

Woww this is very sensitive and beautiful!! Reminds me about a warm Spring day 😊 and tulips... amazing flowers:)


Greetings @olgy-art.

Appreciate you dropping by for a cuppa.

Thank you for your kind energetic artistic complimentary words......happy to hear it communicated.

All the best. ^__^