Walking Dead Day!!!

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It seems like every franchise or character has their "day"...so just in time for Halloween comes The Walking Dead's time to shine!!! On October 13th, The Walking Dead will celebrate it's 15 Year Anniversary by rolling out 15 limited edition variants at comic shops across the globe. Let me tell ya a little bit about genius program designed by Skybound and Image, destined to buy Robert Kirkman another mansion....or three...


Each of these 15 variants being released on October 13th come blind bagged...yeah the ol' hidden polybag routine. Why, You may ask? Well that's because this story gets even better for Walking Dead completionists. Ya see...for each issue, there are actually 4 issues. A color version of the cover which will be found at a 50% ratio, a color virgin at 25%, a black & white at 15%, and a black & white virgin at just 10% chance. So enjoy opening up a zillion bags to complete the run. Rough...right? The fun does not end there folks! There will also be 5 randomly selected of the 15 that will have a "super variant" randomly inserted at a 1:100 ratio. Uh huh! You read correctly!!! I can already see those fetching a fortune on the aftermarket. Happy hunting!!!





Each one of the 15 issues celebrating the day, are reprints of key or important issues.....all done by killer guest artists! Now I received an email with the images that were just released so if you want to be surprised....don't look any further. If you want to peep these mofo's out, keep on scrollin my friends!


WALKING DEAD # 1 by David Finch


WALKING DEAD #2 by Chris Samnee



WALKING DEAD #7 by Daniel Warren Johnson



WALKING DEAD #19 by J Scott Campbell



WALKING DEAD #27 by Declan Shalvey



WALKING DEAD #48 by Chris Burnham



WALKING DEAD #53 by Kim Jung Gi


WALKING DEAD #92 by Cory Walker


WALKING DEAD #98 by Wes Craig



WALKING DEAD #100 by James Harren


WALKING DEAD #108 by Emma Rios



WALKING DEAD #127 by Matteo Scalera



WALKING DEAD #132 by Ashley Wood



WALKING DEAD #167 by Sana Takeda



WALKING DEAD #171 by Jen Bartel



That's it! Those are the issues. So as far as my limited math skills go, there will be a total of 65 issues out on that day for the hardcore to seek out....wow! Happy hunting folks! if you are looking for a local comic shop to snag these at, visit https://www.comicshoplocator.com/Home/1/1/57/575

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A friend of mine has some of the early editions of these, I remember him shoving them my way to read once.


Man...a couple of years ago would have been the time to unload some of the keys. We had a CGC 9.8 a few years back that we sold for $3200 beans...they have dropped a bit as interest seems to be leaving TWD a bit.

That Wes Craig #98 looks amazingly!!!


Hell yeah! Did ya pick any up?


Nope. I opted to get an original Simon Bisley.


You made the wiser decision.

Walking Dead recently penetrated the fighting game scene . Negan's a featured upcoming character in Tekken 7 shown in the trailer below.


I love when they do crossover stuff like this. Pretty cool!