Art Of Painting

3년 전


Your child starts to doodle?
You as a parent do not panic if your child's picture or graffiti is unclear in shape, many parents are waiting for this motoric ability. Even just pretending, later children grow up to be great artists!
But not a few parents who actually become restless, because it compares the ability of your child with other children. Their child really can draw and color while my new child can just scribble.
The development of the ability to draw and color children is indeed a gradual process. It is impossible to happen suddenly or the child is instantly sophisticated overnight. The results of scribbles or images made generally reflect the age of the child.
like my child. not because I did not provide a container but every empty place would be used as a training ground for him to draw. For example, my bed sheets are used as a place to distribute painting talent.

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