Barbie is dead

4년 전

Abandoned barbie dolls are living a new up-cycled life here. These super colourful creations arrived in my Recycled Gallery shop last week. They are re-created locally by artisan, Tally Anderson. Tally has been making these for fun and recently decided to launch her own label called 'Quest for Zest.' A fun addition to my shop these carefully hand painted heads fit perfectly into our ethos of promoting clever re-use of exisiting materials. 

Over the years I have seen some lovely make-overs of commercial dolls, turning these slim glam icons into wholesome sweet characters. Quest for Zest is an unexpected use of those bedraggled unwanted barbie dolls that are regularly discarded. 

I love what Tally is creating and those quirky vibrant key rings are too cool not to share. 

Until next time, 

xx Isabella

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@bridgetbunchy you have got a good skill of writing such good contents ....Keep going I loved reading your articles .


Hi @sid9999- Thank you for your kind comment and for dropping by to read my posts.

beautiful doll, but scary.

I love them!!!


wow, so beautiful piece of art! I love when artists use something old or damaged to give it a new life! ^_