Tomb of Jahangir ( Pakistan )

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Hello my friends , it's been days since my last post about great islamic archetecture , so i'm here again with another one .

Today we go to Lahore , Pakistan in the tomb of Jahangir , It is a very beautiful mausoleum .

I hope you read and enjoy ....

The tomb of Jahangir is located in the city of Lahore aka the heart of the country , a beautiful city that brings tourists from all the world .

You can find the mausoleum in Shahdara, a suburb of Lahore to the northwest of the city. it was built by Shah Jahan 10 years after his father's death (Jahangir who was an emperor of Mughal ) in 1637 , at the inside the walled garden of Empress Noor Jehan Bagh-e-Dil Kusha at Shahdra, on the bank of Ravi in Lahore.

The tomb is basically made of red stone, marble and bricks . It has state of the art architecture and is the finest ornament of historical Lahore .

Presently, the tomb gardens are used to serve families visiting from various surrounding areas . but we can see that it's falling out no one is really concerned about it and protecting it ....

I think that this mausoleum is a piece of art , and it's giving Islamic archetecture a great value .

Hope you guys like this and Peace!!!


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