Can You Guess what This is? (For a Prize)

2개월 전

If my photography skills were so good (pats self on back), that you already guessed it....well, I'm a little jealous. Lol.

My first look of this painting was from an angle similar to this: and I was getting a star wars/ wizard vibe. Am I the only crazy one? It's okay to be honest, I won't get offended.


The below angle and view gave it away for me. Here's another up close angle:


Please try to guess! I'll give 1SBD to whoever guesses correctly FIRST. Have at it. Also, this isn't my art but my significant other's. :)


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Your photography skills are great, @chelsea88! Thanks for sharing this artwork. It looks like a depiction of a cool person who loves to listen to great music.
Have a great day, my friend!


Thank you!! You are very close in that it's a person who is "musically inclined"..... let's it is a type of profession.... any ideas?