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Painted from life.

”Rick” 20”x16” (#2352) oil on canvas panel
by Lee Gordon Seebach

Rick Groat is a Hollywood producer and actor. He posed for a painting workshop in Los Angeles in which I took part. This is the portrait study I did.

Let's face it: work is a four letter word.

My website: Seebach Fine Art

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i love the brush strokes, dunno why, but I prefer this to highly rendered paintings. <3


Glad you enjoy!. @sheagar Thank you very much for your feedback.

Wow, another 'blocky brushstrockes' one!
Looks impressive.

Bold strokes kinda convey his presumably powerful character.


Thank you @walperion Rick is an actor and if you google him, you'll find that he starred in a Groat Family production: "Ride The Wanted Trail."

OMG..! Amazing @chessmonster



It reminds me a bit of auguste renoir. Masterpiece!

That's amazing painting.

Epic drawing! Thank you for sharing your talent with us!:)


Thanks so much @inber. You're very welcome...it is my pleasure to post on Steemit! I love it.

Wow wow wow

I like this


Much appreciated! @bosjaya

That's amazing ,
I love your art.


Thanks for commenting @james7 Stay tuned...I post every day on Steemit and I've got hundreds more to share! (I'm an old hand at the art game.) 😎


Ohhh, that's great .
I am looking forward.


Thank you very much @james7


  ·  5년 전

I don't know why but the color flow is so smooth.
No unnecessary touches.
Just a man in deep thoughts. Not bad, not bad!!