Atmosphere Study 🤔”Poetry illustrated”

4년 전

This is “stop and smell the roses” type of illustration, “terminally chill”.
I wanted to achieve a mood here, there are no characters only atmosphere.


I wanted to leave the piece open ended, like good poetry it leaves room for the audience place themselves in it.
Fruit for thought.

I used a combination of Sketch book pro and Photoshop to produce this.
I start by sketching it out with sketch book pro on my iPad then export it over to Photoshop to do all the high level rendering colours, lighting, texture, ect. Then I brought into werble for a few finishing touches.
it took a little more than 2 days to finish.

That it for this post.
till next time✌️

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I like the rain animation! Very nifty :). How did you do that?



Thx scrawly! I did it in werble😁

Love it! Ambient drawing is very helpful to set a scene as well or to build up tension or prepare the reader for a specific scene. Plus that also helps you to practice backgrounds to give better value to your comics :). Keep doing great comics!

Hey @Chriscomics, this is incredible, I really like the effect of the rain. and the lights.
Is there a lightning strike?