Harlequin and Poison ivy ☠️ “Bad Girls & Good Vibes”

4년 전

Bad girls and good vibes. This is some fan art I did awhile back, I’ve updated it a little bit recently though.
I chose to to illustrate harlequin and poison ivy, not just because they’re DC Comic royalty but, because of the unique friendship they’ve developed. It’s hard to find a relationship as complex and special as theirs is but, they make it work.

My process stays pretty pretty consistent from piece to piece.

I start off by simply penciling the best i can. i start with a rough sketch in blue color pencil then i lightly erase it and pencil over the residual blue to get the cleanest sketch possible.

The sketch took about 4 days and it was done on 11x17 bristol board art paper
(standard for comic book portfolio's)

After the sketch is finished I take it to Staples to have it scanned on a big flat-bed scanner.
i have them make a high-res pdf file for me (300 dpi). I take that file home and work on it in Photoshop.
The rendering consist of a 18-20 layer process that takes about 10-14 hour
After that I took it into Werble for a few finishing touches.

That’s pretty much it.
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I really appreciate the support
Till next time ✌️

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What an awesome fun drawing, love this. That gif killlllls it.


😁thanks man! I’m really happy with the way it turned out.
F0ll0wed you

i really appreciate your own art how you draw this character?



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Thanks C-squared 🙏 you guys are the best. I appreciate the love😁

Nice pic, Chris !!! They are really rocking the stage :D Very nice poses and the expressions of both characters are on point <3


Thanks spider 🕷!! I wanted to keep it playful, I happy with the the way it turned out too!

It's pretty amazing how you've done this, I like the way you've shown us and tell us the story, the sketch and the final art are just excellent works.


Thanks you. I think good art and the story behind it are key when it come to producing a quality post. thx for noticing and for the v0te 🗳

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk


Thanks artzone!

@christcomics.... These are truly great art work...am also into pen art..l

Kindly check my blog @Rf-Abol.. Hope to see you stop by


Thank you, I checked out yours stuff. It’s really good
F0ll0wed you 🙂


What a beautiful work, Chris! Well done! 😃


Thanks trincowski🙏. I appreciate the support

Wow looks really cool!


Thank you 🙏. Glad you like it. I really appreciate the love and support from you guys over at C-squared. U guys are the best.
Followed you 🙂

hey @Chriscomics, incredible illustration!


Thanks Francisftlp, I try to keep it interesting

Really enjoying seeing the process. Fantastic work bud.


Thanks man😁, glad enjoyed it.