“Yellow Brick road” illustration

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The wizard of oz is well known all of over the world and is still considered one of the greatest movies 🎥 of all time. When you think about what the film creators were able to accomplish with technology that’s far less sophisticated than what we walk around with in our pockets everyday its truly an amazing accomplishment. It’s hard to believe that it released back in 1939🤯 , just to give you some perspective world war 2 ended in 1945.
This is an illustration inspired by the wizard of oz


This illustration is biographical in nature. All characters represent different aspects of one person on the journey of life.
A man said “the future is an opaque mirror. Anyone who tries to look into sees nothing but, the dim outline of an old worried face”
I used a combination of Sketch book pro and Photoshop to produce these.
I start by sketching it out with sketch book pro on my iPad then export it over to Photoshop to do all the high level rendering colours, lighting, texture, ect.
it took a little more than 3 days to finish.

That it for this post.
till next time

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I like your modern take of Wizard of Oz. I see the scarecrow and the lion and the tin man, so Dorothy is now the man with the scarf? :D


Yes!! It’s weird I know but, just go with it.🙂 lol

What a gorgeous version of a classic scene. Well done! 😃


Thank you!!🙏