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4년 전

Hey all, comin' at ya with this logo/sticker for those that like to get their gills wet. Had some ideas about setting up a group in the future so I figured this a little first step. Tried out a different style this time by only using circles as the base shape so It would have a clean end result. I've made 2 variations so far and will post any others inside this thread if I make them

™ by circuitshark

Thanks for stopping by!

circuitshark logo

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nice work i am new here and i am grahic designer i follow you to keep toutch in your wrok hope you do the same and follow me to get your feed back for my works that i'll share soon ... thank you


Thank you :> I returned the follow back, us creative types do better to band together. Looking forward to see some of your work!

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Pretty good roll, thanks again!

Like your designs, my fav one is the black and white :)
BTW cool that you want to set up a group, it makes things much easier working together


I agree, the B/W one seems to scale down with better visibility. I've thought of dropping them around as stickers with a QR code leading back here once I have minimal structuring in place


That's a great idea, thinking smart man ;)