Thar she blows!

4년 전

Hey all, quick update with an entry for a fun coloring contest @artwatch has gotten up and running. I'd never given the recent coloring book craze much thought before, but this was a pretty easy opportunity to relax and let my creative side flow.

The contest line-art spans an impressive 3 pages, so I went with the top bit

There's some pretty great prizes being offered including some whaleshares, with a group participation bonus too. A giveaway is also being held, so why not swim by?

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You have made me so happy when I woke up as this is the first entry I get to see! Do you mind if I give you a little feature later today and include this coloring page? I can include links to any 2 posts you have made that you really want upvoted? Let me know. Anywho - Looking good circuitshark.


:> I love getting the ball rolling on something fun, really stoked that you're making an opportunity for people to get engaged. I've been pretty lazy as of late so I haven't much in the voting window but feel free to use the coloring, it's your art first and foremost

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