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4년 전

I've been messing around with finding a format so that I can build visual continuity on my blog's hook imagery. I think I may have stumbled across the answer for now, it feels versatile enough and I haven't seen any other TV sets so I hope I'm not stealing another steemian's thunder.

circuitshark logo

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thats really 👌 nice post i upvoted and followed you keep posting dude👍 you can check out my blog upvote if u like🙂


I thought it'd be good blog scaffolding, I'll give your page a check :)

I like it, good job building your brand on Steemit and in life!
You've been followed and upvoted.
Think you could help me out with this contest?


Thank you, I'm glad it turned out alright. Just for blogging right now, but who knows. If something pops into mind on that siggy I'll let you know

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