Monster Monday Volume 5 Number 3 - K'eck

4년 전



Height: 4.5 feet tall at the shoulder. 12 feet long including tail.
Weight: 800 pounds.
Planet: Ckanich
Habitat and Range: A cave dwelling species in the temperate regions of Ckanich.
Food: Carnivorous.
Life Span: Unknown.

Here's this weeks Monster Monday! This week I decided to draw the sketch on 11x14 inch bristol board.


Be sure to check out my other monster sketches and check back next week for another monster!

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Nice design on this piece. One suggestion go ahead and spot the blacks on the creatures legs and torso, that will help this piece really pop especially the hand.


Thanks! Will definitely give him some heavy blacks where you suggested. I'm light boxing the whole thing so I don't touch the original pencils.