Daily Drawing Challenge #8 / Get 50% of rewards for this post / Rules changed!

2년 전


Daily Drawing Challenge is back again! I had some difficulties and could not hold the challenge for some time. Frankly speaking, this idea came to my mind spontaneously. I was just practicing and when I was about to post it, I made up my mind to post it as a part of the challenge. So I cheated a bit, but who cares:)


The girl in my picture seems like flirting. So this will be the theme of this round. I suggest you to draw a flirting person. Use any medium. It can be either digital or traditional.

The winner takes it all

I am giving away half of the payout for this post no matter how much this post earns to only one person whose work I choose.

I will upvote all submitted posts and resteem some of them.


– the picture is drawn by you and you are publishing it for the first time specially for this challenge;

– provide some process pictures / photo of yourself with your artwork (evidence that this artwork is made by you);

– use the tag “cookiedrawing” (not necessarily first);

– upvote&resteem this post;

– post your entry in the comment section to this post (I will not take into consideration entries that are not posted in the comment section);

– entries are accepted till 3 p.m. UTC (11 a.m. EST), May 20.

Read the rules carefully! You need to follow all of them to participate.

Ready? Set. Go!

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Wow! I haven’t seen colored drawings from you yet;) Very cool!


Yeah I've been having fun with digital drawings lately lol


beautiful drawing, love the hair

My entry!!!!!

Click the Image for the post


Wow! Looks awesome! Thanks!


Waow..... amazing


the head looks bigger?


expanding hair that makes her head slightly bigger lol


Good job! Thanks for participating!


Ur welcome

very good friend, I congratulate you for opening the contest again, to prepare my entry, greetings


Looking forward to your entry, mate!

I want to join this one!
let's see if I can sketch something tonight :D


Cool! Hurry up and join:)

Eh votado tu post, un gran aporte a nuestra comunidad, sigue así.

Te invito a visitar mi blog

"Nunca dejemos de hacer Arte"


Great job, @tricks911! But unfortunately this post does not comply with the rules of the contest. Read the rules first.

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Awesome, @ianceaz! As always:)


Thankyouuu so much! @cookiespooky. Looking forward on joining more of your contests 😁

It looks interesting! I want to participate but I have no time, I hope you achieve the goal and good luck to those who participate :)


Thanks! Maybe next time?:)


Very nice! Thank you for your entry!


Great job! Thanks for your participation!

Hello´s @sentanu74, @yveana, @wgustaman, @ianceaz, @tricks911, @ladymaharet, @teafp, @permanayogi.

Really. So amazing. Everyone draws great. I would love to draw as well as any of you.

¡Congratulations for all!

I can not take pictures in my brother so I enjoy seeing.

ill try to make my entry to this challenge,

Hello, here's my entry.

I wanted to draw a guy with a sexy look, maybe flirting with a cute girl haha

That look was inspired in the actor Ian Somerhalder. Hope u like it :D !



Great! Welcome to the contest!


Great! Thanks!

She is a shy girl but when it comes to taking a picture she becomes wild



Great job, mate! But please read the rules carefully


Cool! But please read the post first!


Good job! But this round is over, read the rules!