Painting Memories - A Look Back on a painting I did for my Father


Hey guys! Can't believe it's Thursday already :O

For today I wanted to share a painting I did last December for my dad's birthday. I know, it's old, but I've got a timelapse and as well use it, right?

Full disclosure: I'm adapting the post I wrote on my off-site blog for Steemit.

Now! On to the post!


So some context is in order. Way back in high school, I came up with the brilliant idea of gifting art done by yours truly for birthdays. I actually started with drawing a picture for my friend, and my family liked the idea so much they started requesting art for their days of birth as well. It’s gotten to the point where my mom has denoted the wall space above her bed frame as a gallery of my art throughout the years. Ten years to be exact.

Out of my family members, my dad was the least likely to ask for art. His side of the bed only has one piece of authentic Corinne art. However, in the past couple years he’s started to cash in on those empty requests. Two summers ago he asked for a large picture commemorating his army career for his retirement. And this past year for his birthday, he wanted another art piece.

The Theme

Our Father/Daughter trip to Oregon that summer.

Ever since I hit my 20s, I became like, 1000x more sentimental. I was seeing my parents as people, rather than just authority figures, and they were pretty cool people at that. I wanted to hang out with them more, outside the context of holidays or graduations. Initially I was slotted to join my mother and siblings on a trip to Korea, but the timing and price just wasn’t working out. Then my dad brought up a separate trip he was taking to Oregon to visit my grandparents. With a shorter time commitment and only the cost of an airplane ticket, I jumped at the opportunity. Since I was the solo sibling on the trip, it was also a great chance to pretend to be an only child for a hot minute lol.

The trip was tons of fun. Kayaking, hiking, fishing…it’s funny. When I was younger I hated fishing. But now that I was older, I appreciated it a lot more. There was a sense of freedom and peacefulness involved with kayaking out on your own on a lake, with a fly pole and a sketchbook. I caught my first trout without any assistance, and a couple others after.



I got to hang out with my grandparents, which is always a fun time. We spent a few days in Central Oregon being rustic, and then headed out to their place along the coast, where we got to do some awesome whale watching!

FYI whales are my FAVORITE animal. I saw enough grey whales to last a lifetime (which you know is not nearly enough). We saw one do a spyhole, which is where it shoots straight up out of the water to get a good look at you. Truly the best 2 hours of my life.

We rounded the trip up with some local bites, looking for fossils on the (very cold) beach, checking out the lighthouse, and watching some glass blowing. All in all, a great time that brought back a lot of nostalgia to when I had visited my grandparents as a kid.

Turns out my dad also had a blast, because that entire trip was exactly what he wanted me to paint for his birthday. Though, of course, with moments that he specifically enjoyed.

Typically I draw one scene. Or I’ll incorporate many elements into one scene. My dad wanted me to draw several, separate scenes. He handed me a list.

The Painting

You can see from the rough draft that it would be a busy piece.

I chose to go with watercolor since that was what I had used on the actual trip. The entire painting spanned across 2 days, with substantial breaks. I was planning on using washes, something I wasn’t entirely experienced with, and on paper that I had never painted on. I learned with this painting that the paper quality definitely makes a difference in how the color shows…womp womp. I also learned I cannot paint ospreys or eagles to save my life lol.

Nonetheless, I think the painting turned out pretty well. You can watch the timelapse below to see the process!

Here’s the final product. Sorry it’s so yellow, that indoor lighting you know?

And that's the painting! Hope you guys enjoyed. Have any of you visited Oregon? What are some of your favorite outdoor memories spent with your family? Let me know in the comments!

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I think the curie pretty much shadows how beautiful this is. I’m speechless.

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Hi corinneiskorean,

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wowow thank you so much!

Hello there? This is pretty amazing, you know visiting grandparents are always the best moments as a grandchild you know and the fact that you took your sketching and painting instruments shows how much you love the art and your time lapse video of the processea as well is pretty amazing, I've never been to Oregon or even the US for that's matter but definitely you had a splendid time and I don't know the quality of paper affects the quality of the painting

Amazing post, @corinneiskorean !!! <3 I love the backstory, the photos and the video, and and and the resulting painting with those illustrations of various things from your Oregon trip is just so lovely, so charming and so beautiful <3

Gorgeous post !!! <3


ahhh thank you so much!! it was a very fun piece to do and brought back a lot of nice memories during the painting of it :) I'm glad you like it!

  ·  작년

Hey dear! What a creativity :-) 😀 i love to see the process of the development from things. Great that you showed us this here in a cool timelapse Video 👌

By the way it looks also like you had an very funny and exciting day together ! Your dad must be proud of you!!! 😀👍


thank you! Yes it was a ton of fun. I'm glad you enjoyed the timelapse and seeing the progress :)

@corinneiskorean It's wonderful to be able to enjoy your trip to Oregon with your father. How beautiful with your great talent to be able to paint the details of the activities they did in Oregon. The video you showed us is imprecionante. Watching the work of your artwork step by step is exciting and very interesting. Great talent that you have friend. What a dexterity to paint and capture every little detail. Magnificent work for your adorable dad. What a pride to be able to give him such a beautiful detail. It was a pleasure to read you.

Your painting is beautiful, i am sure your dad would be proud to have it. You sure had plenty of fun.I can feel the excitement over here. Time spent with family is the best.

That is so beautiful! And what a lovely experience with your dad and grandparents. You documented your trip through your painting perfectly! I hope you'll manage to have another trip with your dad and pretend again to be the only child, lol! Thank you for sharing!

And congratulations on the curie vote! Perfectly deserved! :)

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Wow, these are totally adorable, and what an awesome present for your father. I hope he is thrilled receiving this, as I would be if someone dear to me make an effort to give me such a wonderful, beautiful, and personalised present like this one.        
The artworks are great and you captured each scene pretty effectively. Nicely done :D.      
Congratulations on your curie vote ^_^.        

In one picture - the whole journey. Great idea and a good gift for Your father. It will always remind him of Your pleasant trip and the amazing time spent together father and daughter. I watched the process of its creation with great pleasure. Thanks @corinneiskorean

The post shows how much you love your parents especially dad :)

  ·  작년

I actually have no talent on painting or art and its obvious just by looking on my head with no hair, no art at all lol

I enjoy seeing and watching paintings and arts much more than doing it.
In your painting I guess you can make a book out of it when your habit of doing it progresses.
I don't know how to describe a painting but I could say you've painted it very well and the outcome amazed me! Your painting is full of serenity as I could see it more deeply.

You made it pretty well @corinneiskorean!

It's pretty cool to document your life in this manner. It's like a diary illustrated and it's something worth telling to grandchildren when you're out of words to tell the story. Paint some mundane vacation activities and tell them to your grandkids. Then introduce a secret book where you didn't want other people to know about and have that book "accidentally" found by the kids. That special book contains your adventures as a hero in some far magical world. That's what I'd do anyway :D


that's a really awesome idea! I think I'm still young enough to get started on that and still have some substantial stuff haha...thanks for the inspiration! Would be cool to chronicle not just my life, but my entire family in painting. If only I'd had the foresight to do this earlier so we could see the art style progression as well haha

This is fantastic. Great art, great respect for family too!

Oh I love the painting @corinneiskorean! I can see so much joy and fun and love you guys had together! I was smiling as I went through each scene. I see the 'hiking to the top of a hill / mountain' scene, the whale watching scene, wine and dessert maybe? Dad losing to grandpa on poker game? You and dad, each caught a fish, beach walking and collecting seashells? This is so lovely and painting your memories is really cool to cherish the moments together and even more, as a gift to your dad.

I agree with you too. As I grew older, my perspective of my parents, life and things in general changed too. I think I grew up basically. I appreciate my parents and family more, appreciate time with them more and appreciate life more and these are things that matters more to me now.

I too had the opportunity a couple of years back, to go on a trip with my parents to Japan. It was truly a trip to remember. I have never gone for a trip with just my parents before and the last time my family went on a trip together (together with my brother) was more than 10 years ago when we were still studying.

My dad wanted me to draw several, separate scenes. He handed me a list.

Hehe, it is so nice that your dad gets to "make a request" of what he wants painted.

Thank you @corinneiskorean for sharing with us your story, your painting and the process. Your post touched my heart 😍.

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@corinneiskorean I love your painting very much, it different with other artist. Your painting have story. You can start to compile your painting about your parent and your life into a story comic book. It must be very interesting.

You was right about parent. When I was a kid, I look at my parent like an authority figures. When i get older, i start to treat my parent like a friend. We can talk until midnight, shopping and travel together. But I never have a chance to paint anything about my parent like you do because i am not a good in painting like you :) What i can do only photos, photos and Photos. :) It would be nice if i can draw like you.


thank you! I'm glad you enjoy my painting. Someone else mentioned compiling paintings of my life as well, and I think that's a really cool idea. I'm sure your parents love your photographs! And if you put in the practice every day, then you can also improve your art skills :) Anyone can draw or paint, so long as they put in the effort!


Thank you for your encouragement :)

You got a cute painting and lovely story behind it! What a labor of love!

I believe your own painting as a gift to those who you love or cherish is more valuable than those that were just bought from the stores. That is because, and again, it is a labor of love. That is very good of you.

You said it took you two days to finish the painting. What's the size of it?


Thanks! I always enjoy people's reactions to the paintings, as I feel there's more of an emotional response. The painting is 9x12 inches. I think I could have finished in one day, but I started late.


I think two days for that size is fair enough. Have you tried coming up with something like "gap filler" to fill those spaces in between the events? It maybe just artistic abstracts to fill the gaps. Just suggestion... 😊

What a great way to document beautiful memories! Love the little painting snapshots you did.

  ·  작년

howdy there from Texas corinneiskorean! now I want to go to Oregon for all those great activities ya'll were able to do together! wow, fishing, Kayaking, whale watching! amazing and then to be able to get all that in a painting for your dad is so wonderful. Thanks for the time-lapse video too. Do you paint alot of landscapes of the sights in Oregon?


thanks! You should definitely check out Oregon, it is so beautiful! Very diverse landscapes too. I was able to paint a couple shots from the lake, but that's about it. Whenever I go back I'll definitely be painting more, especially the coastline!

  ·  작년

howdy this fine Saturday morning corinneiskorean! oh it all look so wonderful and I didn't realize that it offered so much variety so if I can get to the West coast it will definitely be on my agenda, thank you so much!

I'm super interested to see the piece you created for your Dad's army career. As a vet, and the son of a Vietnam vet... I can tell you this piece is important to your dad and he did not entrust it to you lightly... Have you posted about it?


I haven't posted about it yet, since it's a bit of an older piece, and I don't think I have a photograph on me...I can check in with my dad to see if he has a photo and try to dig that up for you! Thanks!

  ·  작년

Hahaha, when I was a kid I hated fishing too. I could never stay put, and could never understand how can grown ups stay silent for hours, watch the water and catch nothing. Now that I'm older, don't like it any better but can understand it and see the meaning.
Kid of envy you for those wonderful watercolors, I love those from your book. Excellent work! Not that the others are not wonderful :)

Hello, stunning painting!!!I would love to be able to draw good enough to do little travel book like this!!!this is so cool:)I really like that on your video you are actually explaining what you are doing and not just showing how you did it:)

The painting, and also the story behind it, is really great :)

This is fantastic! I love how you do the outlines at the end. I'm sure your dad loves it.

I watched your timelapse, liked and subbed. Very cool :)

Wow. This is talent. Are you really an only child .
Wish you could also gift me a drawing for my birthday.
Nice drawings though


thank you! I'm actually the eldest of four, hahaha. That's why it was so nice to just have a 1:1 trip with my dad :) and lol, I'm actually open for commissions, so if you were serious about wanting a drawing, we could talk about it haha. Thanks again!


Lol in Nigeria we say "owo ni koko" meaning money is main thing

I stay in Nigeria how possible could it be except by shipping it which will cost extra

Wow, what a work full of tenderness, the video is charming. The great artists have always surprised me of the magnificent things they can do with watercolors.

You also have a very beautiful background story, it is always lovely to know the origin of a work of art.

This kind of thing would be great to see them animated, or orientate them for educational purposes. Even take them to the tv. Or generate comics from them, although they are only ideas, everything will always depend on your vision.

Congratulations! You are very good.

Hey @corinneiskorean, thank you for sharing your nice painting, I really enjoyed your video it just reminded me how I am doing my art. It is always nice to capture the process of art creation just for your own memory later on it is nice to see it again and say: Hmmm.. that was really good :)

I think the family is always good judge, my family gave me frank critic and I really apprecite it becuase the friends may be are too polite nad do not want to make you upset, but my husband just says what he thinks, actually he doesnot need to say, I recognise on hisface expression. I wish you all the best and keep creating,

Cheers, from Art-supporting blog @art-venture

Oh wow! :O
You been Curie'd again! :O :O :O
Nice post you've got :) Must have been quite an experience uhm wherever you went! (Sorry, my eyes bleed from trying to read anything non-comic or so, didn't quite read.)
Thanks for your reshared post! :)

I think it happens to all of us, we suddenly realize that our parents were not as stupid as we thought. Keep that sentimental feeling for your parents especially when you can have everyone around. I loved the painting/storyboard it was awesome and I bet it went over well.

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  ·  작년

I really liked you post. I found it through @curie.

Thanks for sharing your trip. I got the feeling that you enjoyed it and painting it. I watched the whole time-lapse. Quite impressive when you see a drawing coming to life.

I am glad I stumble on your blog :-D