Bella & Mr Sulley / Shot on Super 8mm (Kodak Vision 50D)


I recently invested in a vintage Canon Super 8mm camera dating from the 1970's.

This is a complete un-edited roll of 50ft film. The footage is of my two dogs Bella and Mr Sulley. Both were rescued from the street of Pune, India by myself and my beautiful wife. The video also features my parent-in-law.

You can get apps these day's that claim to emulate 8mm film, however, it must say nothing compares to the real deal. Although an expensive hobby these days, I wholly recommend this format for any film-maker. I recently filmed a wedding in Kent, England and I will post the results once the film has been developed.

Please enjoy and leave a comment, all feedback is apprciated.

Best Wishes,
Cotton Lazarus :)

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Just like the old time

ive always wanted a camera like that.