Afternoon Art Day 04 - Wave City

2개월 전

This one brings to mind....the view on an enchanted mural inside a wizard's castle. The waves move like silk as you walk past them and the sunset sky glows into the tower room in which you are standing.
Can you imagine...stepping into the mural and reaching that city in the distance?

This ongoing mixed media style collection features quick to come together daily artwork from dreamy afternoons with my head in the clouds. Each one is blended from both digital and hand colored elements and many of these graphics are based on my own entirely original designs. Layers have been thoughtfully rendered and combined purely for distraction into montage menageries using various programs. I have not detailed the process because the passion is not in showing you how it was created...but in coming up with something eye catching to brighten up your feed each day! Some of the pieces in this series have elements that actually began as coloring pages and full credit for the initial line art belongs to these artists. Sharing the remixed and colored end result exclusively for your entertainment is allowed under fair use and transformative rules.

You can support my daily work with a direct donation. This will give me the freedom to spend more time making creative content!

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Very soothing. It would be interesting indeed. Imagine the stories one could bring out upon returning from the trek.


Yes! One can certainly think of a dozen different adventures to write about upon returning! 50 words would never be enough to express them! :D

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I'm a bit wary about stepping through portals such as this one might turn out to be, but they would be a convenient way to travel in a hurry XD

I'd also be a bit concerned about the size of those waves but maybe they're just exaggerated for artistic effect and it's actually just a ibt ripply and pretty? ;D


Hahahaha! I never thought about potentially drowning...but those waves are definitely large for dramatic affect. Depending on the angle and they could also be considered forced perspective.

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