Kadinsky in digital art

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Thanks to Kandinsky I learnt about abstract art. When I studied industrial design I discover my passion for computers because I found similarities between the synthesis of the images generated by the zeros and ones, and the Kandinsky studies. I recommend book called "Point and line to plane" where you can find and understand all about his paintings.

I wanted to do a tribute, redrawing in a computer one his best painting called Circles in the circle, he said "The outer black circle, as if the second frame for a picture, encourages us to focus on the interaction between the inside circles, and two intersecting diagonal stripes enhance the effect, adding a perspective to the composition."

Accent, force, tension, perspective using only lines and circles, for me it was wonderful and I wanted to replicate in a computer. Using a software called Processing, used to create digital art and interaction I developed this great painting. You can see it in the following image, but you can see the lines, circles and colors generated through a computer in the follow Link.

You can see the code to generate this painting through the next link: https://processing-projects.s3.amazonaws.com/kandinsky/kandinsky.js. If you want to replicate it, remember load before the processing library: https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/p5@1.1.9/lib/p5.js.

Bye, enjoy art.

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