T-shirt Store Collab?

10개월 전

Hey guys,

This is a bit different then my normal requests. I have been running a t-shirt and accessory store on amazon for some time now. I am not an artist though, so I have been in a difficult place as far as new graphic designs. I have 100 products and should have 10,000.
The other problem is I am not loaded. So hiring artists for what they are worth, and I believe they are worth queit a bit, happens few and far between, hence low amounts of products.

So this may be a shot in the dark, but are there any artists who would like to collab/do a profit sharing model on their original artwork? If so get in touch, lets talk. I cannot guarantee your designs will sell, but if it does we can share in the profit. I am looking for a long term relationship.

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We shall see

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