One of the Squad's most manipulative members by @dararzhv

5년 전

HA HA HA HA Harleen Frances Quinzel!

You know ,  love makes us do crazy things.  HARLEY QUINN  is the best example of this phenomenon. Today I am going to share with you my picture. You will see all the stages of my work, but speaking of  the materials that I used it maybe interesting for you :

1. Simple pencil

2. Watercolor 

3. Gouache 

4. Black gel pen

I thik, it is time to start! 

First of all, I made a sketch.

Finished sketch, I started painting. Firstly with watercolor, secondly with gouache.

The next step after gouache was using of black pen.

The final touch was to create a background.

Thanks for watching! I hope my work can bring a smile upon lips! 

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Wouldn't want to stay overnight at Harley Quinn's place. Just a quickie

  • before quickie
  • after quickie

really nice work, as a fellow artist, I love the simplicity of this, but also the depth you achieved with the green diamonds, that really makes her pop


Nice to hear such pleasnt words! Thanks ! :)

That's a really cool art! Up!


Your praise is very pleasant to me! Thankee!

I really like this art ! I hope , too, like whales .

  ·  5년 전

very nice
@ halo xoxo