New Painting w/ progress images...


When Sadness is held hostage by Happiness

This latest piece from my 'Abstract Mind' series is about overpouring happiness and how that state is often just a masquerade for inner emptiness and sadness. I live very close to the party district here in Hamburg and sometimes people there make me seems so easy for most of them to put their happy faces on. But if I look very close they don't really look happy at all.

Well, that's a normal thing in our society I guess...but the thought about it brought this painting to life. And art can always wonder about things in an abstract way. I like that. This painting has very bright colors but if you look really close you can find the sad face in the painting...can you go deep enough?

The chaotic 'underpainting'...

...working on the portrait

"Looking down, from below" | acrylic on canvas | 50cm x 60cm


“We hide our demons so good, that the angels we show, bare the shame on their faces.”

anthony liccione 

Upvoting & resteeming makes me happy and keeps my art alive :-)

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te felicito esta increible y muy creativo

Awesome painting


Love the depth of this pieace


I love how you were able to bring your thoughts on happiness into life, painting is a great way to express one's thoughts (and feelings).

Looking happy, but not actually happy. We definitely need to look deeper..


Yes, that‘s true...

I so agree with you about when you see people partying and they seem to be happy but the look is really sad. I think it is a bit manic really, especially if drugs or alcohol are involved.

Thanks for showing us the progress pics and describing your work. I really love seeing this type of post and very glad you got a good reward for it today.


🙂 yes and sometimes I am one of them...good to wake up to that fact. Thanks for your comment, I appreciate that!

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Cool...Thank You!

Hello that is a beautiful painting great work i like the idea you passing through your painting. As you say it is a bit the fault of our society we cant really walk around saying and showing sadness. I really enjoy the citation “We hide our demons so good, that the angels we show, bare the shame on their faces.”


Yes this quote fit so nicely...glad you like the painting 🙂


Yes it totally fit your art that something that i really like that there is a meaning to it:)

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If there's a word after incredible to describe something, that's what this is! Can't find the words to describe what I'm looking at!


Wow thank you...🙏🙂🙏🌞


You are welcome, mate

Wow, amazing work :)


Thank you 🙂🙏

WOW your work is amazing ! To be honest I have not come across many really good artists on steemit yet but I think they will migrate over from the more "has been" platforms in the near future.