New Painting w/progress shots - "Fauna Organica" The Spirit of Earth


A Tale of two Sisters

After the universe created all the planets it took a short rest and was visited by spirit. They used their time well and made love under the stars. From this encounter, two beautiful daughters emerged. Flora & Fauna.

One calm and gentle, the other raw and violent, both blessed with a radiant beauty. Although very different, they animate the universe in a symbiosis ever since. They are life itself and represent the possibility for every species to transform to the better.

It is said that once a species is loosing the contact to them, it will be wiped off the face of this earth forever.

The underpainting was already very wild...

...I just added some controlled strokes

and drew in the contures of the face...

"Fauna Organica" | acrylic on canvas | 50cm x 60cm | 2018


"It is not light that we need, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake."

frederick douglass 

I hope you enjoyed the progress images and the final piece...stay tuned for "Flora", coming tomorrow ;-) Have a great evening everyone!

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Awesome and beauty story °^°


So this is it for Fauna 😊. I enjoyed every bit of the progress images,can't wait for tomorrow.
Anticipating "Flora".Nice concepts @denniskonstantin;thanks for sharing this.


Glad you enjoyed it!

Hallo....toller Beitrag👍
Das erste Bild hat mich gleich "gecatch't" -ausdrucksstark und schöne Farben!
Der Text dazu hat mir auch sehr gut gefallen, dadurch bin ich neugierig geworden😉
Somit hast du einen neuen Follower gewonnen und einen klaren -resteem-!


Toll...freut mich 🙂🙏

Great work, Dennis!
About time I visited your page again! A moment ago I commented on Vesna Krasnec's latest post, concerning the approach she took, and that made me think of you, because we have those methods in common.
Anyway, resteemed, and also shared here:


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New Painting w/progress shots - "Fauna Organica" The Spirit of Earth — Steemit…

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Thanks Otto ;-) <3

This is so beautiful, I'm new here and an artist too, kindly check me out and follow back @denniskonstantin