An older version of Wolverine in the Dead Man Logan series


Today I will tell you about a character named Old Man Logan. His real name is James Howlett, also known as Logan, Aged Father Logan, Patch, Dead Man Logan, Hunter Logan, Weapon X and Wolverine. The action began to take place on the original Earth 616. It all started when James woke up in the hospital of the Charles Xavier School, after which he met Doctor Cecilia "Cel" Reyes (616) and Globa Herman (616). During a conversation, Howlett finds out that he was unconscious for 11 days. Also, Logan learns that he has 1 year left to live. Leaving school, Old Man Logan decides to finally make sure that the fate of Earth 807128 does not threaten the original Earth 616. A few days later, Aged Father Logan began to knock out several villains with information about the whereabouts of Mysterio (Quentin Beck) (616). Arriving at the Unknown Bar, Patch kills several villains. Unfortunately, Dead Man Logan was never able to find out the whereabouts of Quentin. Arriving in Brooklyn, Hunter Logan meets Hawkeye (Clint Barton) (616). After a few days, the heroes still fail to find out about Beck's whereabouts. Arriving at the laboratory of the Charles Xavier School, Weapon X observes that the Forge (616) was able to repair the "Maestro's car." Right after that, Wolverine, Forge, Robert and Clint move to Earth 807128.
Actions continued on Earth 807128. After talking with the heroes, the main character moves back to the original Earth 616.
A few days later, the action continued on the original Earth 616. Having learned the whereabouts of Mysterio, James and Clint kill several villains. Arriving at Time Square (616), the heroes find Quentin (an innocent bystander). Immediately after this, Howlett is attacked by villains (Avengers), which are:

  • Beetle (Iron Man (Tony Stark))
  • Lizard (She-Hulk)
  • Boomerang (Hawkeye (Clint Barton))
  • Jack-Lantern (Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes))
  • Taskmaster (Captain America (Steve Rogers)
    A battle ensued, during which Beck quietly turned off his illusions, and the X-Men (616) telepathically cut down Logan. When Old Man Logan woke up in the hospital of the Charles Xavier School, he meets Jubilee (616), Cecilia, Blacksmith and Herman. During the conversation, Aged Father Logan learns that he now has 6 months to live. When Barton and Jubilee (Mysterio) enter the infirmary, Patch tried to kill Quentin. Unfortunately, Dead Man Logan is stopped by Hawkeye. After the conversation, the X-Men, Clint, Hunter Logan and Beck, sitting in the X-Jet, go to the secret base of Neo-Hydra (616). When the heroes fly to the Neo-Hydra base, Neo-Hydra agents knock down the X-jet. After some time, the Weapon X kills several Neo-Hydra agents. Having penetrated the base of Neo-Hydra, the heroes find the dead Crossbones (616), Sin (616) and Miss Sinister (616). A battle ensued, during which Sin defeats Wolverine, and then escapes. Some time later, the main character is attacked by Mysterio (agent of Neo-Hydra). A fight ensued during which James kills Quentin (agent of Neo-Hydra). After some time, the X-Men, Howlett and Barton, taking with them Sin and Miss Sinister, hijack one of the Neo-Hydra planes. After 2 weeks, Logan meets Steve. After the conversation, Old Man Logan leaves. A few days later, Old Father Logan meets Mariko Yashida (616). During the conversation, Patch asks Mariko to keep an eye on Marina Bukhard (616). After the conversation, Dead Man Logan leaves. Entering the nearest bar, Hunter Logan meets Wolverine (Logan) (616). After a conversation, the Logans kill several drunken bikers. After 1 day, the Weapon X, having arrived at the laboratory of the Charles Xavier School, says goodbye to the X-Men and Clint. Also, the protagonist asked the Forge to destroy the "Maestro's car" after he left. Right after that, James moves back to Earth 807128.
    The action ended on Earth 807128, called the Wasteland. On this Earth, supervillains defeated, and on this Earth, most superheroes and a minority of supervillains were killed. A few weeks after the move, Howlett arrives at the Lizard Kingdom (807128), after which Logan is attacked by the Lizard Band (807128). A battle ensued, during which Old Man Logan brutally beat the Lizard Band, after which one of their cars was stolen. When Old Father Logan arrives at Creel's Lair (807128), he is attacked by the Absorption Gang (807128). A battle ensued, during which the Patch kills the entire Gang of Absorbers. When Dead Man Logan arrived in Nashville (807128), he was attacked by the Phantom Rider Gang (807128). A battle ensued during which Hunter Logan kills the entire Phantom Rider Gang. When Weapon X arrived in Kaiser (807128), cannibals were cut down on it. Waking up, Wolverine notices that the cannibals tear pieces from his body, and then eat them. During the conversation, the main character finds out that he was unconscious for 1 week. After 2 weeks, all Kaiser cannibals attack James. Fortunately, Howlett is rescued by Dani Cage (807128) and teenager Bruce Jr. During a conversation, Logan learns that he was not on Earth 807128 7 years. After the conversation, the heroes leave. Arriving in Kansas (807128) and hiding in an abandoned supermarket, Old Man Logan tells Dani about the original Earth 616. After the conversation, Cage and Old Father Logan notice that Bruce Jr. ran to the nearest abandoned library. Arriving at the library, the heroes attack the "Sect" (807128). After some time, the heroes are attacked by the Hulk Killer (807128). A battle ensued, during which the heroes kill the Sect and the Hulk Killer, and then leave. Arriving at the Badlands (807128), the heroes meet Forge (807128), Elinor (807128), Ant-Man (807128) and Speedball (807128). After the conversation, the characters are attacked by Sabretooth (807128) and Sabretooth's Gang (807128). A battle ensued during which Victor abducts Bruce Jr., Patch and Dani leave, and the Speedball explodes, killing half the members of the Sabretooth Gang. Arriving at Hammer Falls (807128) and killing several members of the Sabretooth Gang, the heroes learn about the whereabouts of Creed. Arriving at the "old Weapon X base" (807128), the heroes notice that Sabretooth is pumping gamma energy from Bruce Jr. (807128), and Mr. Sinister (807128) is the true leader of the Sabretooth Gang. Immediately after that, Victor and Sabretooth's Gang attack the heroes. A battle ensued, during which the heroes, having freed Bruce Jr., leave and blow up the whole "old Weapon X base." After some time, Cage picks up the “Thor's hammer” (807128), after which it becomes the new Thor (807128). Immediately afterwards, Creed and Sabretooth's Gang attack the heroes. A battle ensued during which the heroes kill Sabretooth, Mr. Sinister and the entire Sabretooth Gang, and then leave. Arriving at the "Logan farm", the heroes come to the graves of the wife and children of the Hunter Logan. It all ended with the Weapon X dying. After some time, Dani and Bruce Jr. buried the body of Wolverine next to the bodies of his wife and children.
    The main character has:
  • healing factor
  • immunity to pollution
  • tiredness
  • resistance to poisons
  • slow aging
  • immune to telepathy
  • extendable bone claws
  • retractable adamantium claws
  • heightened superhuman feelings
  • superhuman hearing
  • superhuman vision
  • superhuman smell
  • superhuman taste
  • superhuman touch
  • superhuman strength
  • peak human speed
  • superhuman stamina
  • superhuman resilience
  • improved reflexes
  • improved dexterity
  • brilliant intelligence
  • multilingualism
    Also, James is:
  • qualified tracker
  • martial artist
  • weapons expert
  • computer and vehicle expert
  • professional killer
    Howlett's strength level is above the limit of class 80.
    The disadvantages of Logan are:
  • blind left eye
  • deaf left ear
  • memory losses
  • sensory overload
  • allotropes adamantium
  • drowning
  • lack of adamantium in the right hand
    The equipment of Old Man Logan is adamantium.
    I hope you appreciate it.

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