Crazy Man's Steel Cousin in the Batman/Superman Series Part 1

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Now I will tell you about a character named Supergirl who laughs. Her real name is Kara Zor-El, she is also known as Supergirl, Kara Danvers and Kara Kent. The action takes place on Prime Earth in the "Fortress of Solitude". It all started with the fact that Kara notices the battle between Batman (prime) and Sky Tyrant (3). The battle is interrupted in time by the appearance of Zor-El. After the conversation, Supergirl joins Bruce (prime) and Superman (prime). Immediately after this, the Commissioner (prime) and Scarab (prime), having thrown one of the six betarangs in Kal-El, tried to infect him. Fortunately, the Betarang caught Danvers. Unfortunately, the main character, having strongly squeezed the betarang with her hand, accidentally becomes infected. Later, King Shazam (prime) joins the villains, and Kara becomes insane. So there was Supergirl who laughs. After that, Zor-L becomes a member of The Secret Six. The Secret Six includes:

  • Commissioner
  • King Shazam
  • Sky Tyrant
  • Scarab
  • Deathbringer
  • Supergirl
    After a few seconds, the Secret Six, using the “cosmic beta signal”, “Monitor (sixth dimension) tower”, the energy of six betarangs and their dark energy, tried to infect all people on Prime Earth with Batman who laughs serum. Right after that, Secret Six attacks Wayne (prime) and Superman. A few minutes later, krypton animals join the heroes. Later, William and Supergirl who laughs began to defend the "space batsignal" and the "Monitor (sixth dimension) tower." A few seconds later, Supergirl notices that the Angel of Death and Donna quietly fly away to free Bruce (-22) from the dungeon of the "Hall of Justice" (prime). During the battle, Kal-El breaks into the "cosmic beta signal." Entering the "cosmic batsignal", Billy, Danvers and Clark notice the corpses of Earth heroes -22. After the conversation, Superman attacks the villains. A battle ensues, as a result of which Batman (prime), using the torn part of Scarab, and Kal-El defeat the villains, after which they explode the "cosmic batsignal" and the "Monitor (sixth dimension) tower". Immediately after this, the main character, Batson and Jamie quietly escape.
    Kara has:
  • absorption of solar energy
  • thermal imaging
  • super-hearing
  • improved vision
  • vision of the electromagnetic spectrum
  • laser vision
  • telescopic vision
  • x-ray vision
  • microscopic vision
  • infrared vision
  • flight
  • invulnerability
  • superhuman stamina
  • superhuman strength
  • superhuman speed
  • superhuman dexterity
  • superhuman reflexes
  • super-breathing
  • energy projection
  • force field
  • longevity
  • sound manipulation
  • qi manipulation
  • multilingualism
  • brilliant intelligence
    Zor-El is also a master of martial arts.
    The disadvantages of Supergirl who laughs are:
  • weak vulnerability to kryptonite
  • vulnerability to magic
  • sensory reload vulnerability
  • dependence of solar energy
    The equipment of the Supergirl is the Supergirl who laughs costume.
    I hope you will like it.

    Thank you all, subscribe to my blog!
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