Female clone of Spiderman. Full story


Today, I present to you a character named Ultimate Spider-Woman. Her real name is Peter Parker, also known as Jessica Drew, Arachne, Black Tartula, Ultimate Black Widow, Black Widow, Dr. Julia Carpenter, Phase 5, Ultimate Spider-Girl, Spider-Girl, Scarlet Spider, Widow and Clone Bozo. The action began to take place on Ultimate Earth 1610. It all started when Ultimate Doctor Octopus created the female clone of Ultimate Spiderman (Peter Parker), and also created a special costume for her. After 1 month of Ultimate, Madame Web tried to implant fake memories of Peter. Meanwhile, the Ultimate Green Goblin escaped and escaped from Triskelion, leaving Parker, the remaining clones of Ultimate Spiderman, and the second Ultimate Carnage to attack Cassandra. When Ultimate Richard Parker (clone) asked the rest of the clones to stay in Triskelion, they refused and fled. So there was Ultimate Spider-Girl. Arriving in an abandoned warehouse, Jessica meets Ultimate Spiderman (Peter Parker). After some time, Spiderman attacks Drew. A fight ensued during which Spider-Girl defeats Ultimate Spiderman and leaves. At Parker's home, Dr. Julia Carpenter observes that Spiderman, Richard, Ultimate May Parker, Carnage, and Ultimate Fantastic Four are being attacked by Ultimate Nick Fury and the Spider Hunter squad. When Nick tells Ultimate Spiderman to surrender, Phase 5 saves him. After some time, Clone Bozo tells Spiderman about his background and about the rest of her brothers. Arriving at the old Oz Corp station, the spiders notice that Ultimate Demogoblin has attacked Ultimate Kain and Ultimate Tarantula, which are the other two clones of Ultimate Spiderman. It turned out that Demogoblin is Mary Jane. Spiderman immediately reassures Mary, turning her back into a man. After some time, Dr. Octopus, Fury and the Fantastic Four come to the spiders. It turned out that it was Octavius ​​who created the clones of Ultimate Spiderman, the last of which was Richard Parker. During a conversation with Nick, he kills Ultimate Kain. After the conversation, the spiders decide to beat Otto, and then give up. Nick agreed and left. Immediately after this, spiders attack Dr. Octopus. A battle ensued during which Octavius ​​kills Tarantula. Fortunately, Spiderman and the main character defeat Otto. Right after that, Jessica leaves, and Ultimate Spiderman surrenders. So there was Ultimate Spider-Woman. A few months later, Ultimate Spiderman and Drew defeat Octavius. When the spiders learn about the Maker and the Negative zone, they decide to go with the rest of the heroes to the Negative zone. Right after that, Ultimate Doctor Octopus joins the spiders. Moving to the Negative Zone, the heroes and Doctor Octopus attack the Ultimate Mr. Fantastic. A battle ensued, during which the heroes and Otto defeat Reed, and then move back to Ultimate Earth 1610. After returning, Spider-Woman becomes an agent of S. H. I. E. L. D. After 2 years, the main character becomes Ultimate Black Widow. Also, Peter made friends with Ultimate Spiderman (Miles Morales) and was a member of the Ultimate team. A few months later, the action continued at Spider verse on Ultimate Earth 1610. Arriving at the cemetery, Parker meets Miles. After the conversation, Verna and the Beast Six move to Ultimate Earth 1610, which includes:

  • Rhino (0)
  • Chameleon (0)
  • Thomas Fireheart (0)
  • Sergey Kravinov (0)
  • Sable (0)
  • Scorpion (0)
    Right after that, Verna and the Beast Six attack the spiders. After some time, Spider-punk, Assassin Spiderman and Superior Spiderman move to Ultimate Earth 1610, which immediately join the rest of the spiders. A battle ensued, during which the spiders defeat Verna and the Beast Six, after which they move to an unknown Earth, on which the remaining Spiderman survivors are located.
    Actions continued on the original Earth 616 in 2099. Some time after moving, other Spidermen move to an unknown Earth, consisting of:
  • Spiderman (Peter Parker) (616)
  • Scarlet Spider (Kain Parker) (616)
  • Spiderman 2099 (616)
  • Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) (616)
  • Spiderman (Ben Reilly) (94)
  • Old-Spiderman (4)
  • Spider-Woman (Mayday Parker) (982)
  • Silk (616)
  • Spider-UK (833)
    After the conversation, Daemos moves to the original Earth 616 in 2099. A battle ensued during which the Superior Kills Daemos. After some time, the original Earth 616 in 2099 moved:
  • Daemos in his new body
  • Bora
  • Brix
    After some time, Jessica (1610), Ben (94) and Kain (616) move to Earth 802.
    Actions continue on Earth 802, on which Jenix rules. Also, on this Earth, Jenix is ​​engaged in cloning. Scarlet finds clothes for laboratory assistants and asks Reilly (94) and Drew (1610) to wear these clothes. Spiderman and Jessica agree. It turned out that on this Earth, Jenix is ​​also engaged in cloning people. After some time, the spiders are opened and they quickly change into their costumes. Immediately afterwards, Jenix's robots attack the spiders. A battle ensues during which spiders defeat robots. Immediately afterwards, Ben, Ultimate Black Widow and Kain is attacked by Iron Man (802), who works for Jenix. Scarlet quickly knocks out Tony. After removing the armor from Stark, the spiders begin to interrogate Tony, trying to find out where the "cloning machine" (802) is located. Iron Man says the cloning machine is in the Baxter Building (802). Immediately after this, Spiderman puts on Stark’s armor, after which he brings the Scarlet and Black Widow to the Baxter Building as captives. Having infiltrated the Baxter Building, the Black Widow makes a diversion, and then escapes. After some time, the Widow kills Jenix, who moved his mind to a new cloned body. Some time later, the main character is attacked by the Human Torch (802), who works for Jenix. A fight ensued, during which Jessica defeats Johnny. After some time, Drew notices that Jenix attacks Scarlet and Ben, and then joins the spiders. A battle ensued, during which the spiders defeat Jenix, and Reilly blows up the Baxter Building and himself along with it. Fortunately, Ultimate Black Widow and Kain survived. After some time, Scarlet moves to Earth 0. Having contacted Spiderman (Peter Parker) (616), the Black Widow informs him of Kain and Ben's death. After some time, the Widow moves to Earth 0.
    Actions continued on Earth 0, which is the native Earth of the Heirs. A battle ensues, during which spiders move the Heirs to the radioactive Earth 3145. After winning the Spider verse, the main character returned to Ultimate Earth 1610.
    A few months later, the action ended on Ultimate Earth 1610. Dr. Doom (616) destroys the entire Multiverse and creates the “Battleworld”. It all ended with Jessica dying with the entire Ultimate 1610 Universe.
    Drew has:
  • superhuman strength
  • superhuman speed
  • superhuman stamina
  • superhuman dexterity
  • superhuman longevity
  • superhuman reflexes
  • healing factor
  • superhuman balance
  • spider sense
  • crawling on the walls
  • ability to shoot organic cobwebs from hands
    The power level of the Ultimate Black Widow is above the limit of class 10.
    I hope you appreciate it.

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