The Dark Knight, consisting of bats, in the series "Tales from the Dark Multiverse"

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Now we will talk about a character named Batman the Broken. His real name is Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman. All actions take place on a Broken Earth, which is located in the Dark Multiverse. Bruce was the only son of physician Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne. As a young child, the main character loved to wear one of his father's fancy dresses, which resembled a bat. It all started when, during a robbery, Bruce is saved by the Shadow that inspired the protagonist. A few weeks later, the Wayne, leaving the Monarch Theater in the evening, headed for the house. After some time, Joe kills Thomas and Martha in front of Bruce. Immediately after that, Chill runs away. After some time, the main character is comforted by Leslie Tompkins, who decided to look after Bruce. Immediately after that, Bruce promised himself that he would bring to justice any unassuming killer and avenge the death of his parents. Also, Wayne promised himself that someday he would find out the truth about Joe's actions. After the funeral, the social service transferred the protagonist to the care of his butler Alfred Pennyworth. A few years later, Bruce becomes Batman to fight crime. Wayne also becomes a member of the Justice League, which includes:

  • Congorilla
  • Jessie Quick
  • Batman
  • Jade
  • Supergirl
  • Donna Troy
  • Starman
    A few years later, the main character had to quickly deal with the returning:
  • Black Mask and his gang
  • Metalhead
  • sniper killer Vincent Morelli hired to kill Commissioner Gordon
    A few days later, Bruce began to feel that he had lost his temper, especially after he failed to capture the Black Mask. Because of this, Wayne was unable to meditate or even concentrate. Like Bruce Wayne, the protagonist contacted therapist Chondra Kinsolving for treatment. Also, Batman instructed Robin (Tim Drake) to teach Jean-Paul Valley in detective work, so that he would help them as an ally and not become a new villainous threat. Despite the advice of everyone in his life, including Dr. Kinsolving, Wayne refused to rest and continued to fulfill his voluntary duty, despite his worsening condition. Due to the fact that the General usurped power in the underworld of Gotham and attacked the police station, company CEOs, Cypher and Riddler created chaos in Gotham. After that, the condition of the protagonist worsened. A few weeks later, Batman meets Bane. After the conversation, Bane leaves. A few months later, the main character faced such great criminals as Poison Ivy, Joker and Scarecrow, as well as many lesser-known villains such as Mad Hatter, Ventriloquist, Amygdala, Firefly, Cavalier and Mr. Zsas. As a result, Tim ceased to be Robin, and Bruce began to fight with the villains alone. Wayne grew weaker and weaker as he defeated every criminal. The rescue of Mayor Krol from the Joker and the Scarecrow led Batman to his mental and physical limit. After rescuing the mayor, the main character collided with Trogg, Zombies, and Bird, and as a result removed them with the last amount of energy left in him. When Bruce arrives at the Wayne Estate, Bane breaks into the estate and attacks Wayne. A fight ensued, during which Bane defeats Batman, beating him half to death and breaking his spine. After some time, Bane captured Gotham, dropping the main character from the bridge. Fortunately, Bruce was rescued and his wounds were healed in the Batcave. When Wayne woke up, he was taken upstairs to the Wayne Manor and Alfred called Dr. Chondra Kinsolving to heal Batman from injuries, telling her that they had been in a car accident. Since the city needed Batman, the protagonist asked Jean-Paul to replace him, much to Tim's dismay. Meanwhile, Bruce began to develop feelings for Chondra and was thinking of revealing to her his secret identity. Unfortunately, Chondra was kidnapped with Jack Drake, and Wayne could not stop the kidnappers, although he tried. The protagonist investigated the evidence left by the captors, and with the help of the Oracle tracked them down to the island of Santa Prisca. Right after that, Bruce and Alfred began their search for Dr. Kinsolving and Jack Drake. Arriving at Santa Prisca, Wayne admitted his love for Chondra. A few weeks after returning to Gotham, the protagonist learns about Valley's actions and their consequences. After some time, Bruce began to train intensively to stop Jean-Paul. A few months later, Wayne was ready to stop Valley. After some time, Batman asks Nightwing and Robin (Damian Wayne) for help. Heroes agree. Finding Azrael, the main character attacks him. A fight ensued, during which Jean-Paul severely beat Bruce, after which he immobilized him. After the conversation, Valley brings Wayne to the new Wayne Tower and connects him to special devices that prevent Batman from dying. After some time, the protagonist notices that Azrael set fire to all of Gotham. A few days later, Bruce remarks that Jean-Paul, thanks to his people, built Saint Gotham and became Saint Batman. After 30 years, Valley comes back to Wayne to hear that approval. It turned out that every year Saint Batman, not hearing the approval of the main character, tore one piece of the body from Bruce. As a result, only a small fragment of the head and a small fragment of the torso remained from Wayne. Fortunately, the protagonist remains alive only thanks to Valley's devices. After the conversation, Saint Batman is refused. Immediately after this, another painful cramp pierced all the remaining parts of Bruce's body. It turned out that 30 years ago, Jean-Paul killed Alfred, Damian and Nightwing. After the conversation, Valley leaves. After 1 day, a teenager named Thorne arrives at Wayne. During the conversation, Thorne asks the protagonist for help in freeing Gotham from Saint Batman. Bruce agrees. When the guards attack Thorne, he swells to a huge size and kills the guards. It turned out that Thorne is the son of Bane. It also turned out that Thorn didn’t need tubes to fill Venom, because Venom has been in his blood since birth. After the conversation, Thorne disconnects Wayne from the devices and takes him with him to the sewers. Having penetrated the sewers, Thorne tells the main character about Bane's death. After the conversation, Shiva comes to the heroes, who also wants to free Gotham from Saint Batman. After talking with Shiva, she activated nanomachines, which connected with Bruce and became his new body. A few minutes later, Wayne learned to control nanomachines with the power of his own thoughts. As a result, the protagonist again becomes Batman. After entering the Dumas Home, Jean-Paul's wife, named Madeline, helped the heroes collect and destroy all the test tubes with Venom, which supported the life of Saint Batman. When Jean-Paul, the Torchbearer and the Cardinal arrived at the Dumas Home, the heroes attack them. After some time, Saint Batman kills Madeline. A battle ensued, during which the main character kills the Torchbearer and the Cardinal, after which the heroes severely beat Valley. After talking with Thorne and Shiva, Bruce kills them. After some time, Wayne finally approves the methods of Jean-Paul, and then kills him. So Batman the Broken appeared. After some time, the protagonist ties the dead body of Saint Batman to the central bridge. A few hours later, Bruce captures Saint Gotham.
    Wayne has:
  • indomitable will
  • bullying
  • superhuman strength
  • superhuman reflexes
  • superhuman speed
  • superhuman stamina
  • superhuman dexterity
  • superhuman strength
  • shape change
  • technokinesis
  • flight
  • night vision
  • brilliant intelligence
  • resizing
    Also, Batman the Broken is an interrogation expert and professional killer.
    The disadvantages of the protagonist are insanity and painful cramps.
    Bruce's strength level is above the class limit of 100.
    Wayne's equipment is a Batman costume, any weapon and nanomachines.
    I hope you will enjoy.

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