The Return of the Superior Spiderman in the series "Superior Spiderman" part 3


Today I will tell you about what happened next to the Superior Spiderman. Activities continued on the original Earth 616. Also, operations continued in San-Francisco. Otto, reclining in a hospital at Horayzon University after the battle with Terrax, meets Emma. After the conversation, Hernandez leaves, and Anna Maria tells Octavius ​​that there are people in the buildings destroyed by Terrax. After the conversation, Superior Spiderman sets off to rescue people from ruined buildings. A few hours later, Spiderman, using only his left hand and activating his mechanical spider legs, saves two people from the destroyed building. Immediately after this, Dr. Elliot Tolliver continued to rake up the rubble left over from the Terrax battle. As firefighters continued to search for survivors, Elliot Tolliver gives them diagrams and plans of the destroyed buildings. Also, the protagonist programmed his spider bots to search for surviving people. After talking with Anna Maria, the saved people thanked Otto for their salvation. Arriving at the next destroyed building, Octavius ​​meets the Night Shift, which includes:

  • Superior Spiderman (Leader)
  • Brothers Grimm (616)
  • Dansen Macabre
  • Digger
  • Skein (616)
  • Waxman (616)
    After the conversation, Spiderman ordered Bill to save the surviving people under the rubble. During a conversation with Marconi, Dr. Elliot Tolliver discovers that Eric is a serial killer. Finding Waxman, the surviving child and mother of the child, Elliot Tolliver attacks Bill. A fight ensued, during which the main character, activating one of his mechanical spider legs, freezes Eric, and then smashes him with one strong blow. After talking with Percy, Barton, Sybil and Roderick, who saved the child, Otto becomes the leader of the new Night Shift, which includes:
  • Superior Spiderman (Leader)
  • Brothers Grimm
  • Dansen Macabre
  • Digger
  • Skein
    After talking with Anna Maria, Octavius comforts the child, and the remaining members of the Night Shift leave. After talking with the child, he is taken to the hospital. A few hours later, Spiderman managed to save all the surviving people. Upon returning to the University of Horison University, Marconi and Emma console Dr. Elliot Tolliver.
    To be continued...
    I hope you appreciate it.

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