The Return of the Superior Spiderman in the series "Superior Spiderman" part 5


Today we will talk about what happened next with the Superior Spiderman. Actions continued on the original 616 Earth in San Francisco. Also, action continued in the “War of the Realms”. The protagonist notes that San Francisco has become part of New Jotunheim (616). After some time, Otto, having activated his mechanical spider legs, freezes all residents of San Francisco and temporarily sends them to Limbo (616). A few hours later, Octavius ​​notices that the Ice Giants (616) are attacking San Francisco. Immediately after this, the Superior Spiderman attacks the Ice Giants. A battle ensued during which Spiderman escapes. Arriving at Horison University, Dr. Elliot Tolliver decides to contact the West Coast Avengers (616), which include:

  • Kid Omega (616)
  • Gwenpool (616)
  • Hawkeye (Clint Barton) (616)
  • Alloy (616)
  • Fuse (616)
  • Miss America (616)
    Arriving in Los Angeles, which has also become part of New Jotunheim, Elliot Tolliver joins the West Coast Avengers and attacks the Ice Giants. A battle ensued, during which the heroes defeat the Ice Giants and defrost Los Angeles. After the conversation, the main character becomes the leader of the West Coast Avengers, which include:
  • Superior Spiderman (Leader)
  • Kid Omega
  • Gwenpool
  • Hawkeye (Clint Barton)
  • Alloy
  • Fuse
  • Miss america
    After the conversation, the heroes move to New York, which also turned into part of New Jotunheim. Moving to New York, the heroes meet the Fantastic Four (616), in which:
  • Mr. Fantastic (616)
  • Thing (616)
  • Invisible Woman (616)
  • Human Torch (616)
    After the conversation, the heroes join the Fantastic Four and attack the Ice Giants and Dark Elves (616). A battle ensued during which the heroes defeat the Ice Giants and the Dark Elves. After talking with Reed, Otto decides to destroy the Rainbow Bridge (616). After some time, the West Coast Avengers move to South America, which has become part of Twilight Lands (616). Moving to Twilight South America, heroes attack gigantic reptiles. A battle ensued, during which the heroes defeat the giant reptiles, after which they move to Jotunheim (616).
    Actions continued in Jotunheim, which is located in the original 616 Universe. After moving, the heroes meet the Avengers, which include:
  • Luke Cage (616)
  • Iron Fist (616)
  • Captain America (Steve Rogers) (616)
  • Wolverine (Logan) (616)
  • Spiderman (Peter Parker) (616)
    During a conversation, Peter humiliates the Superior. After the conversation, the West Coast Avengers move back to the original Earth 616.
    Actions continued on the original Earth 616. Also, actions continued in Ventura, which also became part of New Jotunheim. After moving, the heroes rescue several people from the Ice Giants. A few days later, Octavius, ceasing to be the leader of the Avengers of the West Coast and returning to San Francisco, unfreezes the city, after which it moves the inhabitants of San Francisco back to the city. A few days later, the mayor of San Francisco hands Dr. Elliot Tolliver the key to the city. Right after that, Elliot Tolliver escapes. Arriving at his laboratory at Horison University, the protagonist meets Anna Maria and Hernandez. After the conversation, Otto leaves. After 1 day, Octavius ​​learns that Turner D. Centry (616) attacked San Francisco. Having changed clothes and found Turner, the Superior Spiderman attacks him. After some time, Spiderman (Peter Parker) joins Dr. Elliot Tolliver. A battle ensued, during which the spiders defeat D. Centry. After talking with Parker, he leaves. Meeting Emma, ​​Elliot Tolliver invites her on a date. After a date, the protagonist and Hernandez go to her home. Arriving at the house of the boy James, whom Otto once rescued, Octavius ​​consoles him. The next day, Superior Spiderman, Marconi, New Living Brain and Hernandez learn that someone has revealed the secret of the identity of the protagonist live. Unfortunately, Spiderman (Peter Parker) and the Brothers Grimm were unable to keep the identity of Dr. Elliot Tolliver a secret. Arriving at the boy’s home, James, Elliot Tolliver comforts him again. Arriving at Horison University, the protagonist meets Max Modell. After the conversation, Max supports Otto. After some time, Octavius ​​and Modell decide to find out who revealed the secret of the identity of the Superior Spiderman live. After checking the surveillance cameras at Horison University, Spiderman and Max notice and understand that several sensible radioactive spiders have sent a message about the secret of Dr. Elliot Tolliver’s identity. These spiders turned out to be Spiders-man (11580). Right after that, Peter (11580) attacks Elliot Tolliver and Modell. A fight ensued, during which the main character defeats Parker (11580). Immediately after this, Otto moves the entire mind of the Spiders-man (11580) into one radioactive spider, which he takes hostage. During a conversation with Peter (11580), Octavius ​​learns that a message about the secret of the identity of the Superior Spiderman was also secretly sent live by Spider-Norman. A few hours later, having arrived at the laboratory of the Horison University, Dr. Elliot Tolliver, Anna Maria, Max and the New Living Brain, having absorbed all the “space power of Terrax”, decide to move to Earth 44145 to stop Norman (44145). Trying to move to Earth 44145, Elliot Tolliver, Modell and Marconi notice that Osborn (44145) captured the New Living Brain, which blew itself up and the entire Horison University. Fortunately, Emma, ​​Max, Anna Maria and the main character manage to survive. When Otto tried to get out of the rubble, Spider-Norman attacked him. After the conversation, Norman (44145) flies away on his spider glider. After the ambulance arrives, Octavius ​​sends Modell and Hernandez to the hospital. Immediately after that, the Superior Spiderman sets off to rescue his loved ones from Osborn (44145) and Parker (11580). When Spider-Norman tried to kill James, Dr. Elliot Tolliver attacks him. A fight ensued, during which Norman (44145) defeats Elliot Tolliver, who faints, and takes James hostage. Having woken up in the nearest hospital, the main character meets Marconi and Mephisto (616). During the conversation, Mephisto invites Otto to become Doctor Octopus (real) again (with the erased memory of the secret identity of Spiderman (Peter Parker) (616)). Octavius ​​agrees. Right after that, Mephisto:
  • erases the main character the memory of the secret of the identity of Spiderman (Peter Parker) (616)
  • moves the mind of the protagonist into his original young body with mechanical tentacles
  • returns to the main character his "cold mind"
    It all ended with Otto ceasing to be the Superior Spiderman, after which he became Doctor Octopus, who, using one of his octobots (616), began to control his new body.
    To be continued...
    Superior Spiderman possesses:
  • crawling on the walls
  • superhuman strength
  • superhuman speed
  • superhuman stamina
  • superhuman longevity
  • superhuman dexterity
  • superhuman balance
  • superhuman reflexes
  • healing factor
  • immunity to any drugs and diseases
  • spider sense
  • radio frequency detection
  • super-brilliant intelligence
    Also, Spiderman is:
  • radiation expert
  • engineer
  • inventor
    The disadvantages of Dr. Elliot Tolliver are:
  • pill addiction
  • violation of spider instinct
  • ethyl chloride
    Elliot Tolliver's strength level is above the limit of class 10.
    Equipment of the protagonist are:
  • spider bots
  • Superior Spiderman costume
  • web-shooters
  • four mechanical spider legs
    I hope you will enjoy.

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