The six-armed clone of Spiderman from the Ultimate Spiderman series

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Now I will tell you about a character named Ultimate Tarantula. His real name is Peter Parker. All actions take place on Ultimate Earth 1610. It all started when Ultimate Doctor Octopus created the six-armed clone of Ultimate Spiderman (Peter Parker), adding the main character of Ultimate Venom DNA. Right after that, Ultimate Madame Web created a special costume for the main character. So the Ultimate Tarantula appeared. When the Ultimate Green Goblin escaped and escaped from Triskelion, he released the main character, the remaining clones of Ultimate Spiderman and the second Ultimate Carnage. When Ultimate Richard Parker (clone) asked the rest of the clones to stay in Triskelion, they refused and fled. A few weeks later, Peter finds out that Ultimate Kain abducted Ultimate Mary Jane and keeps her at the old Oz Corp station. Right after that, Tarantula decides to save Mary and try to negotiate with Kain instead of killing him. Arriving at the station, the protagonist notices that Kain began to experiment with Jane. Immediately after that, Tarantula attacks Kain. A fight ensued, during which Kain defeats and knocks down the main character. Waking up, Tarantula notices that Mary, due to Kain’s experiment, became the Ultimate Demogoblin. When Ultimate Spider-Girl and Ultimate Spiderman find the main character, he explains to them that Demogoblin is Mary Jane. Fortunately, Spiderman managed to reassure Jane, because of which she turned back into a man. After some time, the spiders find Ultimate Nick Fury, a squad of "spider hunters", Ultimate Doctor Octopus, Ultimate Mr. Fantastic, Ultimate Human Torch and Ultimate Thing. During the conversation, Nick kills Cain. Also, Tarantula discovers that Ultimate Richard Parker is a clone of Ultimate Spiderman, as well as the brother of the protagonist. After the conversation, the spiders decide to beat Otto, and then give up. Nick agreed and left. Immediately after this, spiders attack Dr. Octopus. A battle ensued during which Octavius ​​defeats Tarantula. It all ended with Otto killing the main character.
Peter has:

  • night vision
  • superhuman strength
  • superhuman reflexes
  • superhuman balance
  • crawling on the walls
  • spider sense
  • ability to shoot organic cobwebs from one’s hands
  • poison fangs
    Parker's strength level is above the limit of class 30.
    I hope you will enjoy.

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